Quality Assurance Solutions involves various steps such as review of quality of services and remove the deficiencies.Quality assurance isn't just testing, or analysis. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is the execution of a test plan and quality assurance standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. We sources quality raw materials, spend years on developing products and relationships with suppliers to make sure we get the right quality! The mass per unit area of pile yarn is a significant test because pile density determines the feel of the carpet. We are introducing many QA tools to our organization to ensure that our processes are efficient.
We have implemented 5S's at workplace, they are the foundation that supports all the phases of Six Sigma. All the effort we put into manufacturing carpet is so that our customers get quality carpet at an affordable price. At Teklead, we make sure each story or requirement has an associated set of functional test cases that verifies its features and functionality. Teklead takes application support and maintenance very seriously and monitors events on a daily basis. Through a combination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) Requirements, we ensure that your project will have top-notch service levels and operation performance. Teklead has processes, templates, checklists, training material, documentation, code review sessions, and actual techtalk that is used to help onboard and transition and handoff the project from one team to another. Teklead also has self-audit programs in place to make sure our service quality is superior. Superior Matching – Our detailed matching processes ensure your representative will gain a complete understanding of your needs so they can present exactly the solutions you require.
Quality Assurance – We stand by our work and are committed to providing you with the           highest level of service. Single Source Solutions – As part of the larger Act•1 Group, Teklead provides a convenient, single point of contact for a number of specialized companies and services. The purpose of our Quality Assurance Program is to ensure that Teklead provides our clients with the level of service that they expect from a leader in the employment services industry.
By moving the needle in a positive direction in these areas we enhance customer satisfaction and improve important operational efficiencies. Quality Assurance Plan – As your dedicated staffing partner, Teklead will customize a Quality Assurance Plan to ensure you continually receive the caliber of service you need to succeed. The quality assurance processes we have are uniform and apply to all resources equally, including off shore resources. Quality assurance is a program by which the incharge of department evaluates the work done by the department.

These activities begin in the early phases of a project, assuring that standards and procedures are established and followed throughout the software acquisition life cycle. We will go to every feasible means to bring satisfaction to our customers through consistent quality and environment friendly initiatives. One person with a single needle tufting gun shoots pile yarn wherever missing yarn is found. Quality assurance also helps determine whether the steps that are used to provide the product or service are appropriate for the time and conditions. Our developers produce good quality code and include unit test cases that are checked into the source code repositoy and run by the Continuous Build process for each build. Additionally, there are unit test cases and code coverage tools that run to ensure the code is fully tested.
We utilize automated code coverage tools and other unit, integration, regression and load tests. We have also built our own tools and regularly use automated Continuous Integration tools that will automatically run the unit, integration, regression an load test suites on each build or iteration. Since our normal project development phase includes use of team development tools for source control, documentation (wiki), automated test cases, builds (Contiuous Integration), and environment configurations, transition and handoff processes are simplified.
Working in close partnership, we can connect you to a broad range of powerful resources and construct a complete, custom solution to address your unique business needs. The goal of our Quality Assurance Program is to measure Teklead service levels as well as identify opportunities for improvement. Clients are surveyed individually and responses are compiled to reflect client-specific results as well as enterprise-wide analysis. We will also utilize Performance Surveys and Service Reports to enhance our responsiveness and ability to deliver effective results.
The main aim of the quality assurance program is to provide assurance to the services done by the staff so that it match the assurance standards. A At Uthos all of our engineers consolidate their expertise by applying good team work and process execution throughout Agile Best Practices. We check that the width of the carpet is within tolerance and that the tuft height is of the correct length. The delamination strength of the secondary backing is also tested by determining at what force the secondary backing can be pulled away from the primary backing. We make sure that full code coverage is achieved by the unit test cases and we address any issues. The test cases are checked and run using a Continuous Integration tool like Jenkins on each build; they are then released.
These processes also identify issues immediately, point to a specific code change or merge. Access to these tools can be given to new team members and we conduct training sessions to review with new team members.

Measuring customer satisfaction will guarantee that we continue to meet the client’s needs.
We hire only the very best developers and make sure they have proper education, training, experience, certification, and domaoin knowlege for the projects we assign them.
Code reviews are conducted very frequently with lead developers critiquing the code and suggesting improvements. We advocate whenever possible to make sure that there is User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment that mimics the Production Environment closely. Our offshore developers produce good quality code and include unit test cases that are checked into the source code repositoy and run by the Continuous Build process for each build.
Software project managers struggle to maintain a clear window through which to keep an eye on the development process. The last step of promotion of a project into Production includes complete tesing in the UAT environment with the same checklist of steps taken.
The results of functional testing and the number of bugs are regularly monitored and discussed for improvements. Poor access to the process leads project managers gradually to lose control over the process, resulting in schedule slippage, frustration, and sometimes loss of customers. Failed test cases are analyzed and appropriate defects are opened in the defect tracking system. Additionally, end to end intergration, system, volume and regression test cases are run. Based on successful completion of the tests and satisfactory results, approvals are obtained from management to proceed with Production rollout.
Software Quality Assurance (QA) can plays a vital role in providing clear vision into the development of software.
Production Sanity testing is performed as part of the promotion to the Production environment. Functional test cases that verify features and functionality are created and executed; failed test cases are analyzed and appropriate defects are opened in the defect tracking system. Full support is expected from QA by the project management team in this matter, even though the role of QA is to ensure process compliance.
As pre IEEE Standard "The quality assurance is a process for providing adequate assurance that the software products and processes in the product life cycle conform to their specific requirements and adhere to their established plans." Software Quality Assurance (QA)is done to bring visibility into the software development process of low- and medium-maturity organizations.
Even though these processes are distinct, they both aim at providing visibility into the software development process. If managed well, both these processes together will provide better visibility and control over the software development process.

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