Program ManagementGetting from product design to full production and delivery has never been easier. Every manufacturing contract starts with a production launch team configured for the specific project. UPM is one of the nation's leading manufacturers for custom & large part injection molding. The Quality Improvement Program Planning System (QIPPS) is a unique and innovative all-in-one project system that delivers a range of benefits.

Take your projects to the next level by following a best practice framework for planning, evaluation and project management! This consists of a project manager, production manager, quality manager, procurement manager, and shipping managers.The launch team develops the requirements for each step, the supporting tasks, and then schedules the necessary resources. It is our objective to provide customer satisfaction by manufacturing quality products that meet customer requirements, are competitively priced, and are delivered on time. Product quality assurance is embedded in each pre-production step to ensure easy quality control during the manufacturing process.

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