We realize that individuals learn differently, which is why we offer several options for our QuickBooks training. Six week classes (Live) – Our six week long classes are reminiscent of a college course.
Webinars – Our webinars offer a wide variety of topics related to QuickBooks software and bookkeeping.
Custom (one-on-one) or Group Training – We offer custom one-on-one or group training at your organization. Our new 2-day "Accounting in the Cloud" class is an in-depth look at QuickBooks Online. Whether your business uses point-of-sale purchases, online credit card sales, Paypal or standard invoicing, Quickbooks ties all your sales together.
Our Quickbooks classes show you how to manage invoices, sales receipts, payments, deposits, credit memos, and customer statements.
Quickbooks makes it to easy to pay bills, make payments, write checks, and issue credit memos. This lesson helps you understand the fundamentals of accounting and how Quickbooks simplifies the accounting process. You will also learn to customize Quickbooks reports to suit your individual needs and maximize the value of your data. We give you practice managing purchases orders and inputting received inventory into your Quickbooks account. Quickbooks lets you use the estimating process to create invoices and to do progress billing.
Quickbooks can also track time and expenses from non-employees and subcontractors, pay them for their time and invoice clients for their work.
In our class, we show you how Quickbooks helps simplify conversion from one currency to another for payments and receipts and how to tie all the receipts and payments together in U.S.
Job Search: Searching and applying for your first job can be daunting, however it is not impossible.

Applications: When filling out applications and your resume, don’t be discouraged by a lack of work experience. Work Permits: Don’t forget that if you are under 18, you must get a work permit from your high school in order to work. Make sure to try out the campus matching assistant or check out colleges all over the nation.
Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most widely used small business accounting and bookkeeping software in the market.
In the Intuit QuickBooks class you will learn how to create a company from scratch, create accounts, write and print checks, keep track of income and expenses, bank account reconciliation, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, inventory, payroll, estimating, purchase order, budgets, jobs, create many types of reports including Profit and Loss, and more. We will teach you Quickbooks desktop unless you specify QuickBooks Online at the time of registration. Professionally prepared typed workbook with step by step instructions for everything covered in class, for your future reference.
Whether you are a business owner, accounting professional, bookkeeper or looking to sharpen your job skills, our in depth training options will help you to master Intuit's QuickBooks Software.
While our core curriculum remains constant, we offer the material in various time increments to accommodate our students' various needs.
While this class is taught hands-on, its tends to move very quickly due to the amount of material that is covered. We meet with you to discuss your training objectives and design a curriculum to meet the specific needs of your business and staff. Think about jobs that friends have, talk to people you know from school, sports, and any other activities that you participate in. They offer up to $10,000 a year for up to four years to students going directly to or transferring to a four year university. You will be working on the computer during the entire class on real life exercises, with instructions from the teachers. Hands-on exercises are completed both in class with the instructor and at home using the included 160-day license of QuickBooks Premier Accountants' Edition.

This class appeals to students of all QuickBooks levels and who are very comfortable using computer applications. These sessions are perfect for QuickBooks users who need help with specific or industry-related features. Call us to discuss how we can effectively train your staff and streamline your bookkeeping workflow. We'll help you save time, by showing you the shortcuts Quickbooks offers and how to streamline your Quickbooks processing to maximize your efficiency. Interview someone in the line of work that you are interested in and find out how they got started. List volunteer work and keep in mind that odd jobs like babysitting and landscaping are real jobs. Students are able to practice what is learned in class at home and "homework" is discussed at the beginning of the next class.
Our experts then talk about total float and the logic that ties activities together. They show participants how to break down a project into activities and tie those activities together using logic. At the Job Training Center we encourage teens and young adults to come in and let us help get you started. This class appeals to students that benefit from repetition and clarification from the instructor. Check out our Hot Jobs Board to see jobs listed in Tehama County, put together a professional resume using our easy resume creation program, use our computers to take your job search to the next level online, and much more. You never know, the manager might be the one you speak with and first impressions are critical.

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