Through solutions focused coaching sessions I can help you to develop yourself and your business. As the client you are the “expert” in your own situation and my role is to help you identify and harness your experience, skills and resources and apply them to achieve what you want. This is an approach that clients’ say is engaging, energising, enjoyable and creates quick and sustainable change for the better. How often do you get a chance to spend 8 intensive days having a top professional coach with you all day? This is one of the added values you get from this amazing opportunity of coaching mastery in Kenya 2014!!
Coach CEOs, leaders, and executives for optimum personal performance, motivational mastery, and outstanding business results.

As an executive use the skills to empower your staff to take your business to the next level. Become more efficient in your life and leadership. Free up your time and resources to focus on your strengths.
Coach individuals to take charge of their lives and transform their career, relationships, health, personal development, and spirituality. Apply the coaching patterns to yourself for profound life transformation and personal mastery.
You’ll emerge with a sharp, highly focused understanding of yourself and your life aspirations.
Your highest abilities and individual powers will be thrown into sharp relief; you will discover the place from which you will excel – and be empowered to lead with and from this authenticity.

Ideal for those who want to become a Professional Coach and those committed to self-mastery in leadership.
Michael Hall, Internationally Renowned Master Trainer in Self Actualization and Coaching Mastery!

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