We are re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with the ladies at Around the World in 80 Books Blog!
Sorry I’m a few days late with reading, but I’ve caught up with the first 6 chapters now!
Sasha: Anytime you deal with a series, whether it is television or movies, there is a tendency to mention something at the beginning of a given chapter or episode that just so happens to become very important in the course of that episode.
Sasha: I just now realized that technology has scarcely any part to play at all in this series. Sasha: I do think it is noteworthy that in the movie the existence of the flying car is never quite explained. Settled down in America's Oldest City, Jenny spends her time keeping gainful employment and raising the cutest kid on the planet -- which isn't biased, thank you very much. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What’s your preferred method of magical travel – broomstick, flying car, or the floo network? Let’s say our hero stumbles upon a key, quite by coincidence, only to discover later that it opens a very important door.
Malfoy laughs so hard he is on his hands and knees, and Ron throws up slugs all the way to Hagrid’s house.

If she removed all the tags revealing who is saying what and just printed the dialogue, you would always know when it was Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, or Lockhart speaking. This is probably the only book where we don’t really see much of him or suspect him of the evil that is occurring.
Free time, though limited, is used for reading and general nerding-out, which she enjoys with her best bud, Sasha Nova.
Just thinking about him makes me quiver with excitement knowing the things that are in store for the Potions Professor.
I think it adds a timeless quality, because technology is always changing, but kids forever will be able to appreciate these books without feeling like they are antiquated. If he had told Dumbledore what was happening in the first place, do you think it would have changed the outcome of the story? Jenny dreams of the day when she'll see her name in print, but for now, it's business as usual.
With brilliant foresight, she reveals things far in advance of when our heroes will need them and even has them use the same spells and items time and time again, each time with the stakes higher. I also like the charm of The Weasley Burrow, its warmth even in its imperfection, and am so glad Harry gets to experience it, given all he knows of home is life with the Dursleys.

But my favorite characters in this section are Ginny and her older brothers, George and Fred. He can’t even get through a simple game of Quidditch without something very dangerous happening to him. Case in point, could it be that the cabinet Harry hides inside of in Borgin and Burkes is the very same cabinet that will become the center of a dark plot in The Half Blood Prince? Ginny is adorable, but brave when necessary, and who wouldn’t want George and Fred as friends? When I was twelve, I never would have gotten on a broom, let alone played Quidditch or investigated the opening of the Chamber of Secrets!
I appreciated that the car wasn’t some random magical item, but that Rowling made sense of it. Traveling by floo powder may be introduced in this book, but Ron also tells Harry (in the book if not in the movie) that his parents can apparate. I was so excited to read this because of all the apparating our fab trio will be doing in the final books.

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