My old college friend Bryan Gibb called me on a quiet June 19th evening and told me that John Rodman had passed into the great outback beyond a few nights before. As I reflected on what I'd learned from Professor Rodman, I did not remember classrooms much. As I reflected on Professor Rodman's influence on me and his passing, I was moved as I considered impermanence.

In the summer of 1988, after too many suffering bastards at a Beacon Hill Chinese restaurant and a midnight trip to Buzzy's roast beef with Ben Pomicter, my new friend, I returned to my room at Kirkland house on the Harvard campus to find another letter from Rodman. Professor Rodman was fond of dark, hoppy, malty micro-brews before microbreweries were popular in the same way he was talking deep ecology before anyone had invented the term. I remember the day I had arranged for Rodman to give my mom, her sister, my father, and his--uninvited--girlfriend a tour of the Arboretum before my graduation ceremony.

Professor Rodman once told me that his favorite common name was for a prairie flower in the parsley family called "Rattlesnake-Master, Eryngoes yuccifolium.

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