Meet The Mop Millionairess Behind Jennifer Lawrence's Joy - Meet the mop millionairess behind Jennifer Lawrence's Joy Jennifer Lawrence as Joy Mangano, inventor of the miracle mop, in Joy Credit: 20th Century Fox.
Jennifer Lawrence To Play Joy Mangano, LI Miracle Mop - Jennifer Lawrence to play LI inventor Joy Mangano in David O. Joy Mangano - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia - Joy Mangano; Born February 15, 1956 (age 60) Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of the Miracle Mop, .
Joy Movie Accuracy: Fact And Fiction In Joy Mangano Tale - Mangano tells TIME, MORE Jennifer Lawrence Talks Joy Inspiration and How Katniss Would Mangano launched the Miracle Mop from her father’s auto body . Miracle Mop Inventor Joy Mangano On Jennifer Lawrence - Miracle Mop Inventor Joy Mangano chats with people about her best-selling inventions, and the movie inspired by her life. An injured golfer has become a real-life Iron Man after doctors replaced his skull with TITANIUM.
Leo Tarrant, 34, from Worcester, received devastating brain injuries in an accident three years ago and he spent eight months in a coma.
Medics believed he would die or be left severely disabled but after pioneering doctors added the metal to his skeleton he has made a complete recovery and been proclaimed a medical miracle. After sustaining severe brain injuries in a mystery accident outside his home Leo was in a comatose state for eight months and doctors informed his family his prospects were not good.

Staff at Coventry University Hospital removed half of his skull to for six weeks to drain his brain and replaced it with titanium plates. And when he finally woke up, it was like the clock had been rewound to the day he was born and he was unable to talk or walk or even move.
Doctors still believed that he would need round-the-clock care and his consultant Dr Eliezar Okirie was astounded when he gradually learned to sit up and speak again. They have put his remarkable recovery down to his positive attitude and now the walking miracle has returned to work as a golf-pro and the only legacy of his injuries is a lack of a sense of smell. A stunning model is gaining some serious PIN-terest – thanks to her endlessly long legs. Two brothers have developed a bizarre age-reversing disease which has caused them to behave like children again. A British backpacker was horrified when she discovered a THREE-INCH-LONG LEECH had been living up her nostril for more than a MONTH. A transsexual obsessed with Kim Kardashian claims her bum is better than her idol’s famous backside. Pretty Emily Holt was given the strength to beat breast cancer by BLOGGING about it on the internet.

A teenager is so petrified of being sick that she refuses to be further than 100 yards from the toilet.
Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes hugged it out in April on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Special.
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Russell is in negotiations with Fox 2000 to come on board an untitled biopic about Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop.
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Russell's Miracle Mop Movie With Jennifer Lawrence Gets Release Russell's film about Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano, Jennifer Lawrence and More on .

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