My Stila Double Ended Blending Sponge was looking pretty dirty so I decided to try out a cheaper alternative. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is said to be “a 3-in-1 multi-functional sponge. Recent CommentsMiss Lisa on Review: Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in VividCarla N. I’m not usually one for a sponge when it comes to applying makeup but I was really interested to find out what this new product from Real Techniques was all about. It has rounded sides for blending across larger areas of the face, a precision tip (seen at the bottom of the photo) for covering imperfections, and a flat edge to get into the contours around the eyes and nose. I used it yesterday and I am thinking I quite like the sponge way of life, Real Techniques style. The thing I don’t really like about sponges is that I always seem to use a bit more product, but to be fair I feel a bit like that with brushes too.
I can’t decide if I would use a sponge or not because, like you, I was taught that they are a waste of product. I haven’t tried using a sponge to apply make-up before and this is much cheaper than the beauty blender so I’ll have to give it a go!

Even though I’m not a sponge girl (takes me back to my very early teens when I used to pile it on), I think this being Real Techniques and being lighter handed now, I’ll have to give it a go! Raising over $14 million since its beginning in 2009, Miracle Jeans Day has made a major contribution to funding life saving medical needs in Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This entry was posted in Neighborhood Spotlight and tagged casual, cause, children, donate, jeans, miracle. I can only compare this to the Stila Double Ended Blending Sponge because I never wanted to fork out $20 for the original beauty blender. I love their brushes already and I honestly can’t imagine them coming out with something bad. So it’s perfect if you want to experiment with a new application method or a new beauty blender.
On Wednesday, September 18th, we encourage you to throw on a pair of jeans before work and donate $5.00 to generate hope for the families who’s children rely upon the help of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Outside of the office she can be found hunched over a novel, gorging herself on Philadelphia food & drink, strumming her ukulele, or spending quality time with her cat, Julien. I have many of their brushes, and love every single one of them so I knew this was going to be another hit for me!

After wetting the sponge, I like using the rounded sides to blend out my foundation, the flat edge to set the concealer in between my eyes and around my mouth, and the pointed tip to blend in the concealer around my nose.
The sponge from Stila is softer than this Miracle Complexion Sponge but they both get the job done fantastically. It is so soft, in fact, that when my little boy picked it up he said “Oooh soft”! Nearly 16,000 children visit the emergency rooms of CMN’s 170-member hospitals daily, and your small (or not so small) contribution will truly make a difference.
Most people tend to use the pointed tip to blend out their undereye concealer but because I have such extreme dark circles, I find that using a sponge tends to soak up a lot of the product in that area.
However, this does tend to stain quicker than the Stila sponge, but as long as you clean it after every 1 to 3 uses (as recommended), you shouldn’t have to worry about breaking out. This is easy to use, blends out my foundation and concealer like a dream, and is extremely affordable.

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