During their martyrdom, numerous miracles happened, which undoubtedly largely contributed to the massive conversion of the inhabitants of these regions to Christianity. Saints Victor, Orsus and their comrades were barbarously tortured by Hirtacus, the roman governor of Solothurn.
Then a brilliant Cross, as of crystal, appeared in the sky and a voice came from the Cross, "I am Jesus, the crucified Son of God.
Almost all the religious groups existing today expect the coming of THE GREAT PERSON ( LAHARI ) at the end of Kali Yuga ( which is now ) to be born as a normal human being !
This incident clearly shows that the sea-waves understood who the 'Young Boy' was and dare not over-flow Him. This incident will make the reader understand that God will stir up anybody whom He chooses in order to fulfil His purpose. Many people in India do not know a great secret which we are openly giving out now for the benefit of all.
Gandhiji was a great man who was raised by God Himself to preach AHIMSA ( NON-VIOLENCE ) SATYAGRAHA in India. The Britishers granted the Indians independence not because they could not bear the trouble; But, they left the country because they knew that God had come ! We are giving these deep truths openly because the time has now come for the whole world to understand who Shri. At the age of Nine months, their first child DEVA-EVU LAWRIE was suddenly taken ill of diphtheria. The next day all the people came to their house as predicted by the Lord and finally the lame pastor turned up and invited Shri. One man by name Chella Asan, a native of Semponvillail, was a magician who after severe fastings got the contrl of goddess 'Pathra Kaali' and was able to produce currency, flowers, etc., miraculously.
It so happened that the son of the General Superintendent at the Christian Medical Hospital, Vellore ( Shri. In that vision, He saw Himself naked without any cloths, trying in vain to cover His nakedness with his hands.
They all became very happy and immediately consented to take Him along with them to meet the prophet. When they reached the prophet's place, there were thousands of people waiting ( for months together ) to meet the Prophet. Later, they were separately closetted for more than an hour when the prophet revealed to Shri.
It appears that the man who gave the 100 dollars had a dream the night before in which he saw Shri.
Exactly in fulfilment of his word, the plane had an engine trouble and right before them crashed and was burnt ! Although the Lord Himself has now come down as an ordinary man ( in human flesh ) He is careful to see that no harm whatsoever comes to His human body. Both had no money on them, and that being a far-off place, they had no hope of getting any financial help. This great incident is related here for the devotees of Lord Lahari Krishna to clearly understand that God can provide their needs in whatever place they may be or in whatever condition !
This incident is one of the 'Lilas' of the Lord acted out so perfectly in order to raise the faith of His devotees to a very high standard ! Once the Laharis promised God that they would not talk anymore about a sister-in-law of Shri.
They slipped one day in observing this promise as they were driving in a cab to Cape Comorin and by mistake talked about her. That very night a terrific cyclone came and ripped up the circus tent and all canvas to shreds. This incident will convince the readers that all nature (wind, storm, rain etc.) is under the Supreme control of the Supreme Lord ( Lahari ) and will always obey Him implicitly when commanded to do so !
One day, in a close-by village, an American missionary had arranged a healing meeting for Shri. Within a short time after its take-off, an inter-com message conveyed a very distressing news that the plane ( in which Shri. In Zurich for instance, the three beheaded saints Felix, Regula and Exuperantius miraculously rose, carried their heads on their own hands, walked to the top of a hill, where they knelt, prayed and at last lay down. Stitcher is the easiest way to discover the best of over 40,000+ radio shows, live radio stations and podcasts. THE MIRACULOUS WAY IN WHICH THE 'DIVINE CHILD' WAS NAMED AS "LAWRIE -MUTHUKRISHNA" !
Rasaiah was sitting in an open place with his nine-months-old baby 'Lahari' Krishna on his lap.
Rasaiah woke up from his meditations he was astounded to see his son walking right into the sea and the waves moving backwards !
Lahari Krishna has taken birth on this earth to prove to world as to how He alone can be God, eventhough Man ! Lahari Krishna had an accident in which the ANTLERS OF A DEER, hanging at the entrance of their house dropped on his head while he was playing under it. Strict dieting was the only prescription of doctors for this sickness and many succumbed to it. Lahari Krishna used to come daily and enquire about the boy's health ( though not with good intentions, for he was daily expecting the boy's death, because, according to an astrological prediction, it was said that his epileptic-fits would disappear if his nephew Lahari Krishna expired ).
The people of India wrongly imagine that India gained Independence because of their mighty efforts. Lahari Krishna organised a big students-strike in his college and took the leadership himself. But 'Kalki' says that he would marry that girl and see if He could be turned into a woman by her. Ebenezer Natchathiram) and only Kalki will subdue her, because she is to be born in the Zodiac of dominant character under NUMBER ONE.
Lahari Krishna says, his wife had been trying her best not to submit her will to Him but she could never suceed; and so finally submitted herself to her husband when God Himself intervened in her life ! Lahari Krishna's first son Deva-Evu was born in the Tamil month of Chittirai ( May ) and according to astrological calculations, it was predicted that the father would die before the child walk. He was so seriously ill that both the husband and wife made a vow to God saying that they would serve Him fully for the rest of their lives.
Lahari Krishna was working in the Vellore Medical College Hospital in a most lucrative post as the Secretary to the General Superintendent and his wife was working as the Dietician in the same hospital. We both promised again that we would leave the job as soon as I was out of the hospital ward". Lahari Krishna resigned His most lucrative job, braving all the oppositions from his parents, friends and relatives. Lahari Krishna decided to resign his job from the Vellore Medical Hospital, he had to face a lot of opposition from his parents, friends and relatives. Lahari Krishna relates this incident to us so that we may understand clearly that nothing can happen in our lives without the plan of God; and only what He has planned will take place in our lives. Lahari Krishna, along with his brother and a local pastor, went to pray for a sinking child. Lahari Krishna's one time boss ) was seriously ill, suffering from a disease that caused profuse bleeding from different parts of the body. Lahari Krishna were always astounding and every second in His life is completely a "Life of Faith of God", depending on no human means whatsoever ! Lahari Krishna reveals to the world the HE HIMSELF is the "Fuel" (Life-element) in all and there is no impossibility with Him !
Lahari Krishna; and they should learn to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God, to be lifted by Him in due time !
Lahari Krishna head some beautiful singing going on in a church, The Glad Tidings Tabernacle. We therefore advice you to prayerfully meditate on these things and God will surely open your understanding ! Lahari Krishna was in America, his wife and children were in India and they were undergoing a really hard period of poverty and training from God. Lahari Krishna was the Black Man, the Hotel Owners in Jeffersonville ( and also in many parts of America ), refused to give any room for him. Lahari Krishna ( while he was prodding the reptile with his hand trying to catch it ) can be answered now by the reader himself. Lahari Krishna was preaching in a meeting a very strong and belligerent devil-possessed man came to the dais intending to beat Shri. Lahari Krishna was called to attend an All-India Pentecost Convention and conference at Lucknow in North India. Lahari Krishna immediately changed his mind not to go for the present programme and hereafter never to attend any such denominational meetings. Already you would have come across many 'Lilas' of this type; and there are yet many others to follow ! Lahari Krishna was in Vellore, he wanted to go to Madras, but he had no money to buy the ticket.
Lahari Krishna and His group were once conducting a meeting at a place called Chingamputur of Kanyakumari District, South India.

Lahari Krishna's own life which serves as a great reminder, to the people of God to always be mindful of the vows (or) covenants they make with God.
As a consequence, Dayavu, their youngest son was thrown out of the moving car by an (unseen) hand which opened the door and pushed him out. The damage was so great that the circus company was put out of action for more than a month.
Lahari Krishna was trying to put his hands in front of His face ( as though ) in a boxing-posture in order to protect Himself from the blows he may receive from the man. Lahari Krishna should have gone ) had crashed on Mount Alps and all the young students ( both boys and girls ) about 400 people were dead.
Lahari Krishna was shocked to hear this news and He immediately came back running to search for the 'Tamil-boy' who had been talking with him while the plane left. Lahari Krishna, one hour later, went in the next plane and while flying over the Alps He could see all the dead-bodies of the young people strewn across the Mount !
Lahari Krishna is present, because ( at the end of this Kali-Yuga ) He has verily come as the Great Judge -- THE KALKI-MAHA-AVATAR !
Lahari Krishna was flying from Trinidad to Venezuella along with a friend of His, the plane met with another accident.
LAHARI KRISHNA" or IYYAH) has been proving and revealing to the people HIS TRUE DIVINITY in thousands and countless of the spectacular-incidents that took place in His Personal Life.
Suvishesha Muthu Ponnuswamy, was a Tamil Pandit who taught the language to the foreign missionaries.
From that incident, he understood that this child was born for some great purpose and so he planned to thereafter bring him up in the fear of God.
On one such evening, while his dad was in deep meditation, the young five-year-old boy Lahari Krishna slowly got up and began walking into the sea. Lahari Krishna was crossing the road in a bicycle, AN UNSEEN FORCE pushed him out and as he fell off the road with his bi-cycle, he saw a car whiz past him at break-neck speed and crashing to a stop. The nail-sharp-horn drove so deeply into the skull that people thought it would certainly impair the mental balance of the boy. But Kalki will dominate over her because He is the very LORD HIMSELF coming as the MAN KALKI. In 1946, while going with his mother to a friend's house, he saw the girl ( whom he had seen earlier in his vision ) and enquired about that girl. But his wife stood firm with Him at this time and urged him to leave the job and not hesitate. He also did witchcraft in many Hindu and Christian homes and thereby wrecked many families. When it was a round twelve O' Clock in the night, as they were standing at a cross-road ( a place where three roads meet ) this magician began to send his evil force, 'Pathra Kaali' to attack Shri.
He was greatly dejected in heart and planned within Himself that when He returned back to India He would sling stones at every white man he spotted.
Lahari Krishna was the only black man there, people said that He had no possible chance of meeting the prophet.
Lahari KRishna was hesitating to take it from a white man, God told him that He has brought Him to the prophet to fulfil His Righteousness. As they were talking, someone came and reported that the water-pipe was blocked by something and there was no flow of water.
That is why the Lord has already warned people through the Scriptures saying thus: ( Please refer Psalm.
Just as He did this, within a few moments, the intercom conveyed the message of the pilot that the trouble was under control but they were heading back to Madras for checking and refuelling.
So he boarded the train carrying the gospels and did not even know where He was being sent.
Temporarily they were put up in a house where they could retire late in the night after the meetings.
Lahari Krishna with her trouble that her right leg was shorter by three inches than her left leg.
Subbulakshmi of Peramber, Madras, had such a deformity with the imbalance of 3.5 inches between both legs, again correct by Shri. The reason for this was this lady always created trouble and dissensions within the family and made life bitter for every one.
Lots of people, both Christians and non-Christians flocked in thousands to hear the 'Divine Words' of Shri. So in order to divert the crowd from the meeting, these people surreptitiously arranged with a circus company to pitch their tents close-by.
All those who came to beat Him were themselves beaten by "that Unseen Light" which always stands guard at His right side ! After reading it, she placed the sheets of this journal on her gangrenous ankle and prayed with full faith.
That boy was no where to be found; and on enquiry the people told him that there was no such 'Tamil boy' at all in the aerodrome ! The bodies of the Saints which were thrown in the river Aar, advanced the bank, stepped out, walked heads on hands, then knelt and prayed at the spot where the Basilica of St. Stories of heaven and earth colliding are numerous, but speaking of them from the pulpit remains sketchy at best. At the same time He even blinds the eyes of the False-ones by showing HUMAN WEAKNESSES by which they are made to 'stumble' and thereby fail to realise His true identity !
As He continued walking, the waves of the sea, on beholding THE DIVINE FEET of the young child moved back in fear ( without over-flowing Him ) thus permitting Him to proceed further.
The 'Unseen Force' that pushed him off the road saved him at the nick of time ( and there was no one else on the scene at that time ! Lahari Krishna himself contracted typhoid and since he became critically ill, his dad ( Mr. Lahari Krishna was born in 1921 and by the time of the 'Quit-India Movement' in 1942, He was a 21-years old youth !
His friend told him that she was his sister, but that she has made a vow that the first man who looks upon her should marry her at all costs--and therefore He ( Lahari Krishna ) should first agree to marry her before seeing her.
Lahari Krishna was taken seriously ill of Diphtheria and the doctors told his wife that there was no possible chance of her husband recovering and that he would die that very night !
Lahari Krishna in an audible voice and told him to take down on a piece of paper all the incidents that would take place during the next day.
There were about 25 people gathered to hear him and most of them dozed off during the sermon. Lahari Krishna was selected as the Indian Rperesentative to the world-wide Assemblies of God organisation. When the train halted at a station, a wedding party of about 50 people got into the compartment. They could not get proper sleep at this place because of a rat which frisked about here and there and disturbed the night. As they were speeding fast, a girl carrying a big bundle of hay suddenly lurched and dropped her load in front of the scooter.
As planned by these people, the circus did attract many people away; so there was a feeling in Shri. As He began to pray for the sick, all of a sudden a hefty man came, straight to the stage (where Shri. Then suddenly, within a short while, the plane went and fell right into the sea with only its tail-end up above the water ! That was why all the countless enemies of the Lord met with severe disaster when they "walked on the 'holy ground' where angels fear to tread" !
He advanced towards them with knife in hand saying: "I will kill both you and your child right with one stroke ! While all the other foolish-heads try to show themselves to be gods by hook or by crook, Shri.
To the great surprise of all, there was no ill-effect whatsoever even after the wound healed. But the police-officer in charge to carry out the order was a foot-ball friend of Lahari Krishna. Nothing however happened as anticipated by them and He ( Lahari Krishna ) falsified all the astrological predictions by His Super Power ! But true to his words, certain events took place immediately which paved for His miraculous trip to the conference. But to his surprise, no sooner had he entered in, heavy blows began falling on him and he was necked out by the white people.
He was asked to meet a member of a family that was getting ready to visit the prophet and to join them. If your God now drops 100 dollars in my hand immediately, I will accept you as my Guru ( Master ) "!
They tried to get his pest away but every time it returned five minutes after they went to the bed. Lahari Krishna held the shorter leg in his hand and as He pulled out the bone stretched and the infirmity was healed. While he was working in the factory, a heavy hammer accidentally fell on his head and due to the internal injury in the head, he lost the sight of both his eyes and became stone deaf.

Lahari Krishna forgot about the scheduled flight-time and the 'Jumbo-Jet' Plane had already taken-off. This does not mean that three or four gods will arrive at the same time, since there is only one GOD ( LA-HARI ). So please ask God ( L-A-H-A-R-I ) to make you understand this present Move of His, in this Final-Age ! Lawrie Muthukrishna came to the bakery with his tale of woe that some-one had picked his pocket and that he had lost all the money.
Lahari Krishna, just by leading a normal-human life, at the same time proves that He is that Eternal, Almighty God, which no one else can do !
Lahari Krishna consented to the marriage and a happy marriage took place in the 26th of May, 1946. He even described the persons who would call on him and the exact moment they would turn up. This magician ( thinking that 'This Person' was an ordinary human being like others ) wanted to try his 'powers' on Him.
Lahari Krishna went up six feet in the air and the two persons ( who came along with him ) were hanging on to Him on both sides. But they also made a strong stipulation that He should be under them ( that is ) under their control. IN THE WATERS " We feel the reader may now be able to clearly understand the real identity of Shri. Lahari Krishna took a long stick and prodded inside the pipe and felt something soft clogging the passage. The pilot warned the passengers of a crash landing in case he could not take them back to Madras. He was crippled by the nervous breakdown in such a way that he could not use either his hands or legs. From then on, to the amazement of the doctors, the wound started healing and new flesh covered the necrosis.
Lahari Krishna was to stand and speak was made up of a thin plank of wood ( which would break immediately on being stepped over ). He was a famous finger-print expert and chief of the Polytechnic and Government Auditors of Ceylon. But as he came near them, quite unexpectedly a BRIGHT LIGHTENING ( from the cloudless sky ) struck him and he rolled on the ground screaming with fright and pain. He switched on the light, but as the light did not come, on, he switched on the light in Lahari Krishna's room and saw a cobra near Lahari's head. Simultaneously A GREAT FORCE from within Him attacked the evil power and defeated it; and a bright light from the Lord struck the magician.
Soon after the fast, (when he was physically weak) while praying one night on the beach off Cape Comorin with a group, one person suddenly pounced on the then emaciate Shri. Lahari Krishna got an air-ticket and reached one week before the other man arrived there, exactly as He had spoken ! He had forgotten to fill the tank on the way and the gas they started with could not have taken them more than 10 Kms, but they had covered nearly 50 Kms. Lahari Krishna reached the spot told by God, He found three cars getting ready to leave for Jeffersonville, Prophet Branham's place. Unexpectedly, to the great surprise, of all, Prophet Branham turned up that day, cancelling the meeting he was to attend. As the train moved, this woman started to shiver with frenzy and screamed that she was possessed of a goddess which would be leaving her that day.
Before they could finish the sentence, they saw a cat pouncing on the rat and carrying it away. He was removed from the service roster after the doctors had declared their inability to salvage this wreck.
She immediately went to her room and flung all her jewels and ornaments on the floor and cried to the Lord fervently saying: "Oh, Lord, please do not make me a widow at this young age !
The evil force having failed in its attempt began strangulating his neck of Chella Asan and he began crying to Shri.
Just then a man came running from the opposite side of the street and dropped 100 dollars into the man's outstretched hand. Lahari Krishna just shook his head and said, "See, within half an hour's time that plane will crash and break to pieces"! Since he did not know Hindi properly, he has used a wrong word which actually turned out to be a bad word.
Lahari Krishna for a long time in order to give him some money and that he had not expected in the least to see Shri. She stopped the nurses who were applying some medicine on the would and took her daughter home even though the doctors warned that the child would not live beyond a few days. Lahari Krishna, and ( according to her letter ) there were signs of new toes growing in the place of the rotten ones.
Then when the people brought to his notice that the plank under him was broken, he neatly stepped aside.
Many do not know this great truth; because God was at that time hiding Himself among the people and fighting for His country ! Lahari Krishna failed when the other members of the group rushed in time and dragged him away. He used to clean hundreds of dishes every day, When His duty was over, He used to retire to His apartment and knelt down and prayed and was in meditation, at times all night long ! Lahari Krishna tried repeatedly for quite some time in order to get hold of this object to pull it out but failed.
From then onwards He was not given much opportunity to preach or to take part in other activities.
God was so concerned about INDIA, because it is the only country in the world which has a high spiritual heritage; and the 'Cream' of all God's children are found only in India. Lahari Krishna from whence He slowly began to reveal Himself ( His true identity ) to the world ! Lahari Krishna as their representative to the Conference, but since he refused to abide by certain hard rules and stipulations laid down by the orgnisation, he was denied the chance to go and another man by name Devaraj was arranged to be sent by ship to the conference. Lahari Krishna was sitting in a corner of the tabernacle when Prophet Branham came up on the dias and called out loudly , "LA-HA-RI" ! The gardener who was watching this, put his hand in and dragged the object out, which turned out to be a cobra - a six footer - and it bit the gardener immediately. Immediately Jeyavelu felt a great power entering his body and his senses returning marvellously.
It was in repayment to this act of kindness that his Government official of Ceylon took Shri.
This was a great shock to everyone since they both have never met each other before; and here the prophet was calling Shri.
For the first time after one year and six months he could look at people and converse with them.
They then ordered him some food and in parting they gave him an envelope containing 200 dollars. Then I saw a vision of a train with many cars and all compartments filled with living people of all colours and races; and the train was driven by a gruesome person (Satan). Suddenly some of his relatives rushed to him and asked him to return home on some urgent business.
He was thereafter invited to preach at a number of Dutch Reformed Churches and many other places ! Lahari Krishna (suddently getting a revelation) tried to catch hold of Him but that person soon disappeared into thin air !
Fear fell on all the passengers, who took the gospels from him and thanked him and promised to follow God in their everyday lives ! Lawrie Muthukrishna became a teacher in the Polytechnic College, and a while after worked in the Golcha Co, as the Secretary to the General Manager. On an official visit to the Company's Tea Estate in MUNNAR, SOUTH INDIA, he happened to stay with the Head-Clerk, whose daughter he married later. I have blessed your right hand like the rod of Moses and will take you all over the world". Thus saying he shook his head so vehemently that he immediately got a cramp in his shoulder and began crying with pain.
He seated Himself on a stone in front of their house and was waiting for them to take him to Prophet Branham. Meanwhile the man (with the sprain in the neck) was screaming pitiably because the pain was increasing and the doctors could not heal him.

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