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Former EduKick Madrid Player signed with the notorious Scottish squad Glasgow Rangers at 19 years of age.
EIFA Coach Education ProgrammeEduKick proudly recommends all interested football (soccer) coaches to learn more about the BWFC "FA Approved" Coach Education Programme.
Our previous exploits in the UEFA Cup and our record over the past 8 years in the Premiership is a benchmark for our continued success.

An integral part of the Club’s activities is the increasingly popular FA approved Coach Education Programme.
It may be a parent or schoolteacher who simply want a basic understanding of the game or a coach keen to progress through the ranks to an advanced level.
It is only by embracing modern coaching methods that Bolton Wanderers have become established as one of the leading football clubs in the country with aspects like sports science and diet playing a much wider role than ever before.
By signing up with Bolton Wanderers you will be guided and supported through every stage of the coaching course.
By progressing up the coaching ladder, indivduals can gain recognised FA and NVQ qualifications whilst developing their skills and knowledge.
Bolton Wanderers try to ensure that all our customers have information on and can access our accredited courses.
Take the opportunity to be supported throughout the programme of training by observing our UEFA ‘A’ License coaches at work. Former EduKick Madrid Player from Albuquerque, New Mexico ,USA, now playing with Real Salt Lake of the MLS!

Rakesh Agarwal is one of the Director of Dainik Bhaskar having responsibility & accountability of managing the overall business.. EduKick partners with BWFC to deliver our Academic Year International Football Academy for players 15-22 years old and advises all interested coaches to click on the link below to learn more about their various Coach Education Programme courses. The scheme is designed to give coaches at all levels the necessary qualifications to develop their careers. These courses offer the opportunity to gain vital experience and even more enjoyment from the game.
I was amazed at how much you learn on a coaching course, you see the game from a completely different perspective. It made me realise how important it is to get the qualifications and I can’t wait to put my new found talent into action, hopefully by taking charge of a team when I retire from football”.

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