The Records Management module allows users to manage physical and electronic record creation, approval, distribution policies, and disposition schedules according to the record management polices of your organization.
Records Management features help improve the effectiveness of traditional processes and enhance the introduction of new processes. Implementing a record management system is a step towards a paperless office, thereby promoting eco-friendly behaviour. Managing all types of records (project documents, compliance documents, and email communications) effectively is an important requirement for successful implementation of legal, governance, and regulatory compliances. It allows users to create enough evidence records for introducing new and improved process.

It eliminates the physical management of paper records, and the various time delays in discovering required records.
Bumgardner's commitment to research education is based on the recognition of the value and perspective that her own scientific training provides her with regard to the care of patients, the fulfillment of pursuing novel research relevant to patients and the reward of interacting with and mentoring some of the next generation of biomedical scientists. The module can be used along with Document Management to manage record creation, access, versioning, and storage. The built-in search engine capabilities allow you to quickly search for any types of records. CAN'T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) THE TRUMP CARD ENACTED BY CONGRESS FURTHER ASSERTING THE SECOND AMENDMENT AS UNOUTCHABLEPEOPLE OF THE LIE: CANCER !

Stronger authentication and authorization capabilities of the software grant access only to authorized users. Notifications will be sent whenever an activity is performed on a record and activity logs will also be maintained.

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