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Login and complete the online course at your convenience (you have up to 60 days after you register to complete the online portion of the course. Use Webadvisor to sign up online for each class OR go on-campus to the Admissions & Records office.
Go to the Financial Aid computer Lab in the FCC Library, room 123 for help filing the FAFSA. Summary of Student Fees details the required fees and includes an estimate for books and supplies.
Use this free download to show your friends and family how they can help out when they come to visit. Our qualifications are widely recognized through our network of professionals, which encompasses members in over 150 countries and partnerships with over 1000 Universities, Business Schools and training partners.

You'll have 60 days to complete the online course work and still get the same benefit of in-car driving with one of our instructors, but you can complete the classroom portion on your own schedule anytime of day or night. All books can be purchased or rented from the Bookstore which is located across from the Cafeteria. If you are still in High School as a junior or senior, you may apply if you have permission from your parents, high school counselor, and high school principal. In the project management employment world, candidates should earn or attain extra and unique PM qualifications and credentials because everybody seems to have the basic project management certification.
Ita€™s now used in virtually all industries, such as government, health care, telecom, IT, education and banking. Expertise in project management is a source of security, prosperity and power to many companies.MPMA® TRAINING STYLEThis course has been designed to include presentation, practical exercises and highly interactive group sessions.
The American Academy of Project Management is a Global Board of Standards and Accreditation Council for project management industry professionals and related institutions.

This topic, presented by an expert in project management, will give you a broad grasp and introduction to this four-Module intensive course.Project Management CyclesRolling out your projects with the latest methodology.
Planning Types of plans, the essentials of planning, planning cycles and project components. In this session you will learn project related leadership, conflict resolution, motivation, delegation, and counseling. Introducing the key concepts behind efficient stakeholder management. AAPMA® MPMA® MODULE3a€? Quality Management a€? What is quality and how is it quantified?

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