Being a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants or CIMA offers a wealth of benefits for finance professionals. All of our spring classes through May 20, 2011 are now posted under the "Sign Up for Classes" tab.
A special thank you to Sacred Heart for funding the printing of over 3,000 copies of our newsletter quarterly! If an individual is bent on succeeding in his accounting career, then being a CIMA Professional is the way to go, as it is one of the most distinguished certifications that an account management professional can get.CIMA has close to 230,000 members from more than 170 countries worldwide.
This information will be located directly under the class ID and the specific course section.
If you find a class you're interested in and would like to learn more about it, visit our "Calendar" tab and click on the class. This means that a CIMA certification is like an international badge that an account management professional can dangle to future employers within and outside his country.

Please see Spring 2011 edition of JSRCC's Emerge Magazine for more information about classes scheduled at JSRCC Ginter Park Center. In fact, CIMA is being considered as the most relevant certification an account management professional can get in the pursuit of his career.So what does an Account Management Professional do?
He helps businesses manage their finances by providing financial forecasts, analyses, and measure return on investments, among others.But how does one become a CIMA Professional?An individual interested in earning the qualification can enroll in CIMA Live Online Classes.
CIMA Live Online Classes offer face-to-face online classes, making modules and lessons more interactive and easier to understand.And since the instructors are present to guide the student along the way, the enrollee can ask questions and clarifications about concepts presented to them as needed. Most large-scale and multi-national companies require a CIMA Certification for their Senior Accounting or Finance Executives.CIMA Fast tracks your career advancement.
Being a member of CIMA qualifies the account management professional to more career promotions because employers know that CIMA professionals undergo extensive continuing education.CIMA provides more room for growth.
Whether within the country through more job offers from bigger companies, or firms other than those within the country of the CIMA Professional.CIMA Professionals are offered a Higher Salary.

Whether in the form of a higher job offer or increase in pay grade through a promotion, having a CIMA certification guarantees that the member will get noticed by his present company or the firm that he is applying to.CIMA trains you to adhere to Corporate Governance Rules.
Large-scale companies, and multinational firms put premium on Corporate Governance, and the CIMA Professional has the necessary training to apply Corporate Governance rules in conducting his work.CIMA guarantees your professionalism and business ethics. If you are a freelancer, then having a CIMA certification assures your clients that you do not only apply industry best practices, but you also have appropriate business ethics that govern all your transactions.If you are an accounting professional and would wish to further hone your craft and be open to more career opportunities, then why not take CIMA Live Online Classes?

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