Enter your name and email address below to sign up for a FREE coaching call to talk about your relationship issues and get help today! And when there’s tension, disconnection, miscommunication, lack of trust or respect, life can just feel off. Allowing someone outside of yourself to mirror back what’s there can be imperative to seeing more clearly and then choosing what to do about it. Here you have easy access to  exceptional life coaching, inspiring telecourses, teleseminars, workshops and our unique Life Coach Diploma Programme. Our coaches are trained in Deep Listening skills, Presentation skills, NLP, Stress Management, Self Development based on Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ successful formula and Meditation skills. Contact us now by filling in your details here for information on life coaching, training or courses. Boundaries--Boundaries are ways that you and your partner protect the relationship by deciding, in advance, what is acceptable. Respect--Respect is all about valuing and being valued by your partner, The way you respond both verbally and nonverbally to what your partner says and does will either get you more respect or lose more respect. The benefits of respect are acceptance and listening, Respect helps people to stop being self-focused and to work on the relationship. Communication--Good communication means being able to really open up to your partner without feeling cut-off or judged. Cooperation is required for feeling like partners, to feel like the relationship is meaningful, and for continued growth of each person.
A healthy relationship will have an abundance of boundaries, respect, communication and cooperation. An easy way to know where the difficulty is in your relationship is to look one level lower than where you are experiencing problems.

Although these principles are not hard to understand, they are ignored by most of the people who work on relationships. And that is the reason that many people do not experience success with marriage or relationship counseling and when trying to work on their own. Whether you are at work, spending time with loved ones, or intentionally alone on a date with yourself, you learn deeply who you are inside of your relationships.
Sometimes you have an out-of-sync experience, yet don’t have an understanding of why, or how to resolve it.
We provide excellent coaching which can guide you through any of the following stages of your life, we achieve this through online courses, workshops and tele-courses. Losing your temper, becoming fearful, and refusing to talk are all ways that can lose respect. It also means listening to your partner in a way which helps him or her feel accepted and want to open up more, even when you are in disagreement about an important issue. Without cooperation, people eventually will end their relationship to seek personal growth..
They have communication problems, so they practice communication techniques and read books on better communication.
I have a deep respect for anyone, who although frustrated or hurt, has enough love to be the one to rebuild their relationship.
Your partner wants to feel like you are in his or her corner and will help him or her to get the best that life has to offer. When all four are gone, people become emotionally and financially prepared to leave the relationship. If you are not able to cooperate with your partner, then the problem lies with the communication and that is where the work needs to be done.

When they do the work, however, their results are very short lived and they quickly fall back into the problems they had before. People come to me when their problems are really difficult because they always walk away from their session with something positive to do. Even when people no longer feel love, they can bring it back by working on these four areas. Restoring them restores the relationship and recreates all the wonderful emotions that go along with a good relationship. People who are in coaching learn what they can do today, so that things start to get better tomorrow. Without respect, good communication cannot happen, no matter what communication technique you try to use. As a result, their partners listen a lot better and get more honest (rather than just arguing). Boundaries are the rock bottom level of every relationship and ideally are in place from the very first date we have with a person.
It's not that what they were doing was wrong, it's just that the foundation for that level of change wasn't yet in place. Boundaries work to protect each partner and to create an environment where love can flourish.

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