Here at Relationship Coaching Institute we have a positive attitude about most aspects of human experience, including our slogan that Being Single is an Opportunity, Not a Disease!
Your transaction is for a digital product and you will receive your download link by email. In a world that is starved for authentic, loving relationships, what could be more fun and exciting than helping people gain their perfect partnerships? I love being a Relationship Coach because… I get to watch my clients grow, blossom, become stronger, more self-directed and in charge of their lives. I love being a relationship coach because… to me, nothing is more important or more rewarding than being the holder of possibilities for couples who love each other and are developing the emotional intelligence and learning the relationship skills necessary to co-create the happy, loving and lasting marriages they want and deserve.
I love being a Relationship Coach because… I get to see the beauty and power in someone when they don’t see it in themselves. I love being a relationship coach because… I get to rock my client’s world, helping design their personal recipe for love! I love being a relationship coach because… as a 77 year old military vet and a three time veteran of divorce, I knew I had to make some changes. I love being a Relationship Coach because… I love supporting my clients to open their hearts, heal their relationships, improve the quality of their connections, and take responsibility for themselves so that ultimately the world becomes a more peaceful and loving and spiritually connected place. I love being a relationship coach because… I get to help women break through the barriers of discouragement and overwhelm to find the love of their lives. I love being a Relationship Coach, because…it allows me the opportunity to share my gifts, skills, and talents with the world. I love being a relationship coach because… I get to help struggling couples fall in love all over again and save their relationship from falling apart. I love being a relationship coach because… it has allowed me to further support so many singles I meet through my matchmaking business.
I love being a Relationship Coach because… I have the privilege of helping my clients get conscious about their choices that have led them into unhappy relationships and supporting them to get crystal clear about what they want their life and their next relationship to feel like and be like.
I love being a relationship coach because…I used to be a part of a church that taught dating was wrong. I love being a relationship coach because… I love empowering my clients to make good decisions about the most important relationships in their lives. I love being a relationship coach because…it is fulfilling to see people grow and learn the tools to create the relationships of their dreams. I love being a relationship coach because… Relationships are the cornerstone of human existence.
I love being a relationship coach because… I get to help my clients have juicy and delicious relationships that are healthy, vibrant, authentic, trusting, caring and connected. RCI provides a lot of support to their members including coaching and business building resources, and they have created a real community among their members.
For professionals working with Single clients or Young Married clients, I think RCI is at the top of the heap in terms of materials that are available, and the training is reasonably priced. The goals of your personalized coaching program are to radically improve your health, your life, to resolve concerns specific to you and your body, and to provide you with tools for a lifetime of balance. ??Together, we will determine which steps are right for your optimal health. If you have tried a variety of programs, and been disappointed with your results, you will be pleasantly surprised when you work with me. Quick fixes will not help you achieve life-long wellness nor do they bring out the body’s natural inclination toward balance. A comprehensive 75-minute intake session that includes a thorough assessment of your current health status, your goals, and how we will design our coaching partnership to maximize your results.
A comprehensive personalized health plan (PHP) that includes your short-term and long-term goals and a detailed plan of action to meet and maintain those health goals.
This six-month package encompasses the same benefits as the 3-Month package, but includes a 10% discount for those who wish to make a longer-term commitment to their wellness goals. A face-to-face re-assessment meeting halfway through the package to assess progress and learnings, and redefine goals, as necessary.
Designed for clients who want to maximize their results in a short time, the premium package includes a comprehensive approach to coaching and meeting your wellness goals. A comprehensive 90-minute intake session that includes a thorough assessment of your current health status, your wellness goals and challenges, and how we will design our coaching partnership for optimum success.
A face-to-face progress assessment meeting halfway through the package to assessment and redefine goals, as necessary.
At Holistic Partnership Institute we use the Duke Integrative Medicine Wheel of Health as the foundational framework for our coaching services.

About Nora MaccariAs a 15 year veteran in the healthcare sales field, I have the expertise to help you partner with professionals and build profitable referral networks. My clients usually come to coaching because they want to stop feeling lost or foggy about themselves and their life. It is so rewarding to faciliate incredible positive changes in lives that were so devastated before our work together.
I love when my clients begin to have hope and confidence they did not have before and I feel as though I’m making a real difference in their lives, which then makes a difference in their world and the world-at-large. It is a sacred trust to sit in the presence of couples who are digging down deep inside themselves and connecting deeply with each other. There is nothing like standing for someone’s greatness, knowing who they really are inside and calling them forth.
Most of us want to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship, which impacts every area of our lives.
It’s amazingly rewarding to see my clients break through fears and live their best lives. The ‘pairing’ of the two has enabled me to equip singles with essential, critical tools and information, which in turn, better their chances of a lasting relationship.
I just love supporting each of my clients transformations from an unfulfilled life into the life of their dreams. When my coaching helps to keep marriages and families together the positive energy transfers to the children, to their growth and development, and then to the world that they will influence as relationship functional adults. I get to be the soul mate catalyst and witness powerful breakthroughs and transformations in peoples’ lives. People learn more about themselves when they are in relationships and increasing their skills to be effective partners increases their personal growth and overall life satisfaction. Communication, listening, being heard, unconditional love, and addressing what’s not working are the strongholds in any relationship.
After getting sick I didn’t know what I would do for work  until I discovered I could be a Relationship Coach and use the technology we have today to help my clients.
RCI training is rich with tools, learnings and skills that really work for personal evolution, for gaining clarity and direction and for lasting couple happiness. First, I was newly separated when I went through the program and it helped me immensely in my personal transition to a happy, successful single. The materials are great, instructors are confident and competent, and they support their members for the long term. Not only is it very marketable, it is very professional and founded on good solid theory. He has workbooks and professional manuals to support the coaches in their work. You will get a personalized wellness plan that is practical, works with your lifestyle, is tailored to your individuality.
Together, we will introduce new and healthful routines foods and activities, gently and slowly. Trained as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke University and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I understand your concerns and goals as a coach, too. Finally I can choose to work more than I need to just because of the joy I get from fulfilling my vocation.
By focusing on self-love and personal requirements, my client strengthens their authenticity and readies themselves to attract the love of their life. It’s an honor and a privilege to be selected to walk alongside these relationships in their process. It is empowering to help my clients realize that they can MAKE a successful relationship happen instead of waiting around hoping it will happen.
I love feeling like I had a part in the making of a relationship that will sustain my clients for the rest of their lives! Women who used to lose themselves in relationships with men who didn’t respect or value them now become their own soul mate and choose differently in love and life. After having been a single looking for love, finding love, and creating a blissful marriage, I love helping singles and couples find and create loving and lasting relationships. To be in a position to help my clients move from an unhappy seemingly stuck-in-quicksand situation to a fulfilled and happy life…, well, there is no greater satisfaction. My training has also been put to good use in my own marriage, now in its 40th delicious year.
The fact that I could talk authentically about how the program helped me allowed me to get clients and gain confidence with the material very quickly.

I trained last fall and am still receiving updates, invitations to conference calls, in-service and networking opportunities.David Steele is unique in his willingness to share his wealth of resources with his RCI coaches.
The materials are organized and uncomplicated. The information flows in a meaningful pattern, each exercise builds on the previous one. As you start to feel better, these habits have a natural tendency to take hold and replace less healthful habits.??As you become more physically fit, other areas of your life such as communication, relationships, professional development and mind-body connection start to improve. They want to uncover their ultimate destination in life and find ‘the one’ to share their new, amazing life with. My mission in life is to raise consciousness and therefore see happiness ripple out from each individual I have contact with.
My clients are becoming healthier and stronger people and choosing mates differently because of their new skills and perspectives. My enthusiasm for change and forward movement is contagious, and seeing the success of a client facing fears and jumping outside the lines is my greatest reward. After reading everything I could find on the subject, I found RCI and I knew I was on the right track. My work as a relationship coach honors my personal mission and at the same time, provides me with an ample, very satisfying livelihood.
You will naturally begin to crave those foods and activities that make you feel better, and to make time in your life for those things that are truly important to you.??In our first consultation we will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how I can help you reach your personal goals.
When you help a client become empowered and self-confident in their life you cannot help but jump for joy as they begin to take charge of their life and embrace the role of the chooser in their life and relationships.
Relationship Coaching has given me the best opportunity to reach the most people in the most effective ways with the many tools I have mastered over the years. I cherish the energy exchange between the client and coach and the safe space it creates for truth-telling and growth. I’m celebrating nine years in the relationship of my dreams and my wife and I consider our love life a spiritual practice. Life is more fun and I’m more optimistic about the future.” Another great benefit of being a relationship coach? My husband, who has been a hospice Chaplain, says that what people on their deathbed care most about is who they loved and who loved them.
This program helps the client to examine their requirements and what their relationship breakers are. We will be able to see if we can connect and work together and if this approach will work for you.
You cannot help but feel an amazing sense of fulfillment because you had a hand in getting them there.
Sharing my passion for love through coaching is my true calling… I am leading the “Love Revolution” one client at a time! My mission is to bring the joy and fulfillment of a great relationship to as many people as I can. I’m in a loving relationship with my own soul mate and belong to a family of caring experts at RCI I can call upon if needed.
It identifies dating traps and explains the idea that certain venues are more likely than others to provide an opportunity to meet the person that has the qualities that you are seeking. Even this first session will demonstrate how a Integrative, individualized approach can make a major difference in your life. It’s like watching a baby bird leave the nest for the first time and seeing them soar! In all likelihood, that venue is NOT at a bar, which is where a lot of the meeting had traditionally been taking place. The client is invited to examine their relationship history in order to gain insights on who they are picking as partners. Now, everything in my life seems easier!” I never forget what a privilege it is to hear you share your concerns and dreams in a safe setting as we design your personal journey to relationship happiness and success.

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