DairyCo is a levy-funded, not-for-profit organisation working on behalf of Britain's dairy farmers. Having worked with DairyCo for over a year, seeDATA have helped revolutionise their capabilities by creating a bespoke CRM system.
Alongside email campaigns, data sharing projects and SMS integration with their software, seeDATA continues to build upon the success of the CRM with on-going support; providing innovative solutions that help them deliver value for money to the dairy industry. RouteShoot is an Exeter based start-up that uses the latest innovation in video, geolocation and social networking. DairyCo is a levy-funded, not-for-profit organisation working on behalf of Britaina€™s dairy farmers. System Six Kitchens has an unrivalled reputation in the South West as a long established manufacturer of high quality fitted kitchens and bedrooms.
The UK NSC advises Ministers and the NHS in all four UK countries about all aspects of screening and supports the implementation of screening programmes. Quantuma€™s high-quality, British made kitchens feature a broad range of the most up to date kitchen trends.
The NHS Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Programme offers linked programmes of screening in pregnancy and all newborn babies for sickle cell disease. Central Kitchens has been supplying beautiful bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and home offices for over 13 years. As one of Europe's leading processed fruit suppliers Cobell import, blend, stock, re-pack and distribute high quality processed fruit ingredients - all sourced directly from the most prestigious suppliers from around the world.
We work with County Durham Sport to help visualise the progress made by the Changing the Physical Activity Landscape (CPAL) programme. Love Local Food is a social enterprise and not-for-profit business passionate about bringing local food to local communities through their mobile shop and education projects. Victoria Darragh is an award winning Executive Assistant with over 10 years' experience working in the public, not-for-profit and corporate sectors.
A Fellow member of the Association of Personal Assistants as well as a member of the Institute of Professional Administrators, EUMA and the Global PA Network, Victoria regularly presents at conferences and companies across the UK and Ireland, Europe and internationally.
Victoria recently won an award at the Mayfair PA Awards for 'Outstanding Contribution to the PA Profession' and has a wealth of experience in creating internal and external PA networks and  working with top companies in the UK helping them to achieve this.
Victoria is extremely passionate about the role of the PA and actively encourages it as a truly fantastic career choice. Lucy Brazier is CEO of Marcham Publishing, specialist publishers of Executive Secretary and The VA Magazine - global training magazines dedicated to the professional development needs of senior and aspiring administrative professionals. As editor of the magazines, Lucy works with some of the best trainers of Executive Assistants in the world to deliver the most up to date and current training in the market.
Lucy runs a LinkedIn group for assistants which currently has over 11,500 international members who share information, network and learn.
A sought after trainer in her own right, Lucy regularly speaks at and chairs conferences & webinars all over the world. She collaborates with trainers including Susie Barron-Stubley, Sue France, Julie Perrine, Melba Duncan, Dewoun Hayes, Eth Lloyd, Dr. Outside of work Nicky enjoys all aspects of the Barcelona sunshine but when it gets slightly too hot you can find her at the cinema or in the shops. She has worked as a Legal PA for the past 15 years in a variety of Entertainment companies including Sony Music (PA to Director of Business Affairs), MTV Networks Europe (PA to SVP Business Affairs) and the BBC (PA to Head of Independent Drama).
Alison took a year-long career sabbatical in 2006 to live and work in Oslo, Norway as an English teacher and in her spare time is writing her first novel.
Katie’s role working for Jacqueline is quite extensive and has grown in recent years to include people management, business project management and also the leadership of the (small but mighty!) Ann Summers internal PA network. Laura began her career in marketing, and was lucky enough to work on a number of Britain's best loved brands, including Wall's Ice Cream, Flora margarine and everyone's favourite spicy snack- Peperami!
Her active involvement on a range of company-wide initiatives earned her the promotion of EA to the CEO. Having worked in various administrative roles for 11 years and being raised in a family run guest house, Sherien brings a wealth of knowledge and adaptable skills to the PA role. Sherien is an award winning PA whose achievements include being awarded PA Newcomer of the Year. Allan has built a network of very talented and successful partnerships across Europe, along with running his own consulting & coaching business in the last 10 years, with Innermetrix being at the forefront of this Journey.
A dynamic Training & Development Consulting specialist with extensive Management experience working with leading bluechip Companies. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organisation has been pivotal to success. Gilly gained practical management experience in finance, sales, marketing and training in a variety of roles at Midland Bank, Mars Confectionery and Kettle Foods. A lively, approachable and impactful presentation style makes Gilly a popular and sought after speaker. Mel Sherwood is a pitch and presentation specialist who prepares ambitious entrepreneurs and business professionals to take centre stage, embrace the spotlight and present with more confidence, credibility and conviction. Few people understand the importance of looking after high-profile figures than Joan Serafini. Creative counseling involves the use of visual art materials with the client being actively engaged in the ark-making process and discussion about it. The circular drawing reveals how she would like things to be, bright, connected and feeling a sense of unity and calm.

In this picture she created a collage of a conflict situation, four squares being family members.
This was painted by a young man feeling distressed at a time of grieving for his bereaved friend. This sandtray creation was created by a middle aged lady who has depicted a current conflict situation around family. The daughter figurine is surrounded by a buddha object symbolic of her need for peace, green crystal heart is placed closed to hershowering her with love, the black caterpillar is symbolic of a mother figure, close enough to support her. Clay: Stimulates tactile senses allowing individuals to get in touch with blocked sensory or emotional experiences.
Masks: can be used as a protective device, giving you a voice, enabling you to take on a different persona giving you the opportunity to become whatever you want. Art: can help individuals understand current and past issues, exploring and expressing emotions. Story: Altering and telling stories invites children to encounter, re-examine events and characters that are needed to resolve problems. Writing and drama activities associated with themes of loss, bereavement and abuse through storymaking are explored.
Puppetry: invite children to create, communicate and project their own ideas, behaviours, personalities, and words into the mouths of the puppet characters. Dance: Through Dance and movement therapy a person can engage creatively in a process to further emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration, discovering a whole new range of possibilities within your body. Creative Writing: Through journaling, poetry, and creative writing feelings can be transformed, helping to integrate felt experiences within our body and minds linking up realizations about what is going on inside us. It provides an opportunity to externalize feelings, develop self esteem and develop concentration.
The approach in indirect and non threatening intended for therapeutic use within the mental health field. Play: can be used as a safety valve through which repressed or socially unacceptable emotions can find expression.
Mandalas: helps individuals draw on the unconscious reservoirs of strength- making a personal symbol reveals who we are at that moment. As an integrative creative counselor I help clients to understand and alleviate emotional distress, promoting self development bringing emotional balance. This online tool allows their teams in the field to remotely access and input data on the farms they are working with. With access to the most forward thinking, passionate and knowledgeable trainers in the world as well as personally meeting and speaking to literally thousands of PAs over the last two years, Lucy’s knowledge of the market and what Assistants all over the world are facing on a day to day basis are second to none. She also launched adminchat in January last year – a weekly free training session presented on Twitter and hosted by a different world class trainer every week. This year alone she will have delivered training in the US, Canada, South Africa, Moscow, Milan and of course the UK.
Monica Seeley, Marsha Egan and Bonnie Low Kramen as well as organisations including Pitman, OfficeTeam & Hays.
Lucy has previously worked as a Publishing Director for Wilmington PLC, and has managed a team based in Singapore, New York, Germany & London responsible for 13 magazines, 12 international conferences, awards, trade show attendance and marketing for EMAP. Nicky blogs about her experiences and knowledge which has grown over the last decade working her way up from a Junior Administrator through to an Executive Assistant and Marketing Manager at a global events company. Aspects of her PA roles have included drafting record deals for world-famous bands and working on the annual MTV Europe Music Awards. Within three months she had been promoted to PA to the Chairman, CEO and CFO, and in addition to her PA duties was appointed to a number of projects and forums. As the most senior assistant in her company, Laura now manages her own assistant and works to expand and promote the roles of other PAs within ELEXON. Since winning she has really enjoyed presenting to PAs at numerous conferences and events in both the UK and internationally. Sherien currently works as a PA to four directors, the Chief Executive and provides secretariat support to the Board of Trustees of a charity organisation.
This has brought with it a vast amount of opportunities which she has taken full advantage of, networking and encouraging Scotland based PA’s to go for awards, connect with each other and share ideas.
Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst, Professional Values analyst Attribute Index Analyst. With a strong business background and interpersonal skills, Gilly is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer and developer of people. With speeches full of helpful tips and practical suggestions that audiences love for their immediate benefits, Gilly’s approach is enjoyable, frank and very memorable. She is a multi-award winning speaker, trainer and coach and the founder of Grow Your Potential, which specialises in supporting individuals and organisations to design and deliver winning pitches and presentations. The first was providing technical support for physiology and neurosciences departments in further and higher education, across Edinburgh. For the first time in their history, Assistants are starting to get the recognition that they deserve as strategic business partners and not just as a support mechanism. Various creative media is made available including- drawing, painting, writing, clay, movement, puppetry, sound, music, dance journaling and stories. A range of painful emotions are likely to emerge and be expressed through this activity, from serenely stroking and smoothing the clay to aggressively poking, punching or pulling it apart.
You can hide, speak out, challenge injustices with engagement of the medium promoting a sense of empowerment and increased sense of self esteem.

The symbolic meaning can then be explored through the representation, arrangement and relationship to each other whilst placed and maneourvered in the sand. Painiting and drawing enables individuals to communicate and express feelings that might otherwise be difficult to articulate. Children and adults can express their hopes, fears, anxieties in a story, acting them out through language of metaphor. They can then manipulate, promote conversation, express fantasies to explore troublesome emotions or conflict situations.
The circle we draw contains parts of ourselves, surfaces hidden conflicts, and releases hidden tensions.Meditating with mandalas can serve as a centering device bringing clarity out of chaos and confusion.
Other companies worked for include The Times, The Independent, Centaur Communications and Glass's Guide. Nicky has experience working in a variety of industries including accountancy, banking, insurance and in the public sector. Laura is also a passionate member of several different PA organisations and is very proud to be a Board Director of the Association of Personal Assistants. Laura is always keen to connect with assistants that also share her love of the PA profession and she feels that the highlight of winning PA of the Year has been the opportunities it has provided to meet and learn from so many different PAs from around the world. Previous to this Sherien worked in such roles as Secretary to a group of Consultants, Marketing Assistant for an Architect firm, Facilities Coordinator for a construction company and Purchase Ledger for NHS Legal department just to name a few. In addition, Gilly has developed and grown Priority Management in Glasgow with year on year growth; her high standards and expectations throughout the business from administration to delivering training have resulted in a significant market presence. By introducing people to new working processes and by leveraging existing IT, productivity and performance improvements are immediate, tangible and measurable. Her concept of an event management company seemed to fit in well as another arm of the organisation.The success has come from spotting the possibilities of business events and trips, to and from Scotland.
This involved designing and developing practical teaching materials at a time where technology was developing.
The shark is protecting the family by waiting in a position to strike should there be further conflict. In the safety of their magical and make believe worlds they can project aspects of themselves onto others through relating to characters helping them to reframe their personal experiences and explore their identity and troubled worlds.
It is the puppet that talks or is questioned not the person with children becoming more vocal through the puppet. The use of expressive movement and dance acts as a vehicle through which an individual can engage in the process of personal integration, growth, motion and emotion.
She has worked for a number of high profile organisations and Executives in both London and Barcelona. Sherien realised that she wanted to be a PA early on in her career but knew she had a long way to go before being considered for such a role and natural progression in hand with determination and hard work would get her there. History of successful delivery of a wide range of training solutions within blue chip organisations.
Gilly now has a first class team working with her to deliver the Priority Management programmes. She has to organise possibly the most glamorous event ever to hit Scotland.She was the Scottish co-ordinator of the Braveheart film premiere in Stirling, liaising with BAFTA, 20th Century Fox and essential services, such as local police, to ensure the evening for the event went smoothly. She has worked on computer aided learning for both Medical and Veterinary graduates and developed interactive practical programmes using video technology. They celebrate and recognise the role and its importance while encouraging Assistants to take control of their personal development, and drive their own career agendas.
Nicky plays an active part in the Assistant community and has written many articles for high level industry publications, presented at events, webinars and trade shows. As well as several science qualifications she has the Training for Trainers Certificate and joined the Institute of Trainers in 1993. Exploring themes and issues related to those events through the use of symbols and miniatures.
Since then she has gained a Certificate in Social Science, with a special interest in Scottish Politics, Equalities and Scottish Law.
Touching the miniature objects and placing them in the sand helps individuals to create role played dialogue, talking on behalf of the person the symbol represents.
In 2002 she became a Quality Scotland accredited EFQM assessor and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers & Commerce (RSA). This move was planned, having found she spent a great deal of time volunteering, training and developing youth organisations.
She worked for the National Bible Society for Scotland, developing teaching programmes for schools across Scotland – including remote rural communiites. This work involved high-tech computer simulations and often travelling back in time 2000 years, 3 times a day!
This company has expanded in 2007 and focuses on Training trainers and organisational development.
For the last 7 years, Sheila has worked for the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), and now works part time for them assisting the sector access rural funding.

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