This curriculum was created in an effort to detail the body of knowledge which should be attained by an individual completing residency training in Neurological Surgery. This document will assist program directors, faculty, and residents in structuring an adequate postgraduate experience in Neurological Surgery. Although each portion of the curriculum has been examined by a number of recognized experts and leading educators in Neurological Surgery, it is recognized that an absolute consensus concerning the definition of essential knowledge for the practice of Neurological Surgery has not, and will not, be achieved. Adequate supervision of the resident performance is critical to assure proper care of the patient and learning of the resident.
Although the assessment of resident, faculty, and program performance is extremely important, the curriculum does not include specific outcomes measures. Finally, it should be recognized that a great number individuals have provided input and reviewed this work. Prior to viewing each lecture, you are required to complete a pre-test, which includes a series of 4-5 multiple-choice questions.

After completion each lecture, a post-test is required to be eligible for the Category 1 CME credit hours associated with this course. You are encouraged to make regular use of the feedback feature to let us know what you think and how we might make our courses better meet your needs. When the individual care needs of a resident exceed those the community can provide, the decision to add supportive services or assist the resident's transition to a higher level of care must be initiated. The Arc of Howard County supports over 100 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Howard County. Some people choose to live alone and others have 1, 2 or 3 housemates with staff support that ranges from drop-in assistance to 24 – hour nursing care. All applicants must be approved and awarded funding by DDA (Developmental Disability Administration) in order to receive services. If you already receive Residental funds and would like to apply for services at The Arc of Howard County please download the application below and submit completed applications to Brenda Sackandy.

The specific structure of resident education in Neurological Surgery is defined by the American Board of Neurological Surgery and each program is periodically examined by the Residency Review. Despite this inevitable shortcoming, wide distribution of this resource to program directors, faculty, and residents will allow for each program to maximize its strengths and address its weaknesses and promote constructive dialogue amongst all involved parties.
Many of these persons are not listed as authors but without their assistance the completion of this curriculum would not be possible.
Providers must facilitate a partnership in this decision among the resident, resident family, the administrator, the wellness nurse, resident physician, direct care staff, as well as the input of direct care providers. Key indicators might include heightened risk of falls, confusion, or specific healthcare needs.

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