IAM Institute of Hotel Management College provides some of the most modern facilities and resources for its students.
IAM Institute of Hotel Management College has well stocked libraries with international titles from all over the world. IAM Institute of Hotel Management College has its own computer centers for the exclusive use of its students.
IAM Institute of Hotel Management College has separate hostels for boys and girls located close to the Institute. Changing world order and new development in hospitality industry have made restaurant and catering management education in USA a coveted management education program. Broad range of restaurant and catering management courses are available in large number of universities, colleges and private as well technical institutions in USA. For quality restaurant and catering management education in USA, students can come across large number of institutions which are admired throughout world. This institution has brilliant record of serving higher needs of the culinary arts students. Indian food aficionados can now enjoy authentic Mughlai cuisine at the newly opened Rasoi Restaurant in KSA at Coral Hotel Dhahran. Rasoi is a signature brand of Coral Hotels & Resorts and was first lauched at the group's flagship hotel in the UAE at Coral Deira - Dubai in 2005. From luscious red hot curries to sizzling roasts, tender stews, exotic vegetables and kebabs that melt in the mouth - there is plenty to entice guests at Rasoi.
Rushdi stressed, "Chef Chitra brings an incredible mastery of Indian flavours and is widely known for his amazing skills and experience.
The training kitchens and bakery, the training restaurants, training front office and guest rooms are all modern and fully equipped to import practical training of a high standard.

The library has large volumes of books, journals and other printed or audio visual materials and manuscript items.
The centers are open from 9 AM to 10 PM The centre provides an all round computing service for the students and is equipped with modern softwares, CD-ROM and Multi-Media. The students are given real life exposure on the operation and management of commercial hotels while undergoing the course. Institutions in USA have become hospitality hub for thousands of young aspirants who dream of making careers in restaurant and catering management. Students can opt from bachelors or graduate degree courses, certificate and diploma courses and associate degree courses according to their needs and discretion.
Making the annoucement, Rushdi Al Ashkar, Regional General Manager, Coral Hotels & Resorts, said, "We are truly proud to be the first hotel to introduce the incredibly popular Rasoi restaurant in Saudi Arabia. Rushdi said, "It has been a roaring success in Dubai from day one and we hope it will be equally popular in Dhahran. Each file allows you to quickly check multiple lines of lotto numbers against historical results and pick your winning numbers based on past draw data, try number combinations out to see how lucky they have been and find the most drawn numbers.
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The centers are connected to Internet and the students can explore cyberspace to gain valuable data and information.

This helps the student to know much more about the practical aspect of the hotel operation and this prepares them as General Managers in the years to come. These institutions offer students a wide range of courses which can match everyone’s requirements.
This popular catering management school offers education in four-quarter pattern for the convenience of the students. Of course, no India meal can be complete without the dream desserts that are absolutely divine at Rasoi. To suit the varying needs of individual students, different categories of accommodation is available.
Culinary courses through which the institution is identified are: Associate of Applied Science degree in Restaurant and Catering Management and Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management. Training offered by CCSF is supplemented by service like the Diego Rivera Mural Project and activities at Education Access Television center. The Ultimate version gives you comprehensive analysis for past draws, find out the average, median, mode, max, min and trend of the drawn balls.
An excellent restaurant and catering program combines study of computers and business and it is aided by internship.

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