All personal information will be kept confidential and only be used for recruitment purposes. Half year or more restaurant industry working experience or familiar with restaurant operation.
Use service etiquette, take the initiative to greet customers and show them out, introduce dishes to customers in and answer inquiries.
Keeping, checking, updating of delivery of menus and newspapers, replacing if damaged so as to keep the area tidy and neat. Take customer comments and suggestions in proper time, take note of customers' information and visit history, communicate with service staff on time so as to improve customer satisfaction.
Grasp restaurant service basic knowledge, familiar with restaurant service work flow and hospitality etiquette etc.
Half year or more related working experience, familiar with restaurant cashier operation and POS system. Responsible for maintaining hygiene of and cleaning the responsible area and kitchen equipment maintenance, identifying and timely reporting of problems.

Two years or more restaurant industry working experience or familiar with restaurant operation.
Responsible for day-to-day custody and maintenance work for a variety of equipment and utensils. One year or more restaurant industry working experience or familiar with restaurant operations.
Responsible for sending early processing raw materials to receiving point and operation table.
Responsible for the safekeeping of the daily surplus raw materials; raw materials with fresh and frozen requirement must be sent to cold storage for preservation. Check the preservation and quality of raw materials in the freezer and refrigerator, timely disposal of the excess backlog materials.
One year or more cutting and preparing working experience, skillful in cutting, and capable of cost control. A training facility manager: Someone with flair for impacting knowledge and who can manage the resource materials of a training facility with financial targets.

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