The importance of inventory management for restaurant profitability cannot be stressed enough. It may seem like a rather inane question, but the question of what constitutes an inventory can play a significant part in helping a restaurant to achieve profitability. When it comes to a restaurant’s inventory, it is important to realize that you are not only talking about the food itself, but about the food items used to cook or process the food (shortening for deep frying, seasonings, drinks, garnishes etc.) but also about the items used to prepare and present the food and to set the atmosphere (paper placemats, plastic flatware, straws, napkins, disposable cups etc).
Being aware of what products you use in your day-to-day services as well as how many you use and the cost of each product (as well as how that cost translates into the cost of sale passed on to the customer) all come together to create the ‘big picture’ of your inventory and what you need to have on hand in order to maintain the integrity of your service. But the most important thing that any restaurant owner can do, however, is to find a way to not only organize their inventory, but to maximize their tracking of foods and supplies as well as streamline their re-ordering of needed items. Xini is one of the finest, easiest and most comfortable software system available to manage your restaurant, bar, confectionery and sweets shop or coffee shop.
Unlike other restaurant software, it's simple to setup, easy to use and manage, allowing you to train new employees in less time and open new restaurants. Xini Restaurant Management System increases your profits by logical table managing system so that you can accommodate more diners or take more reservations. Xini Restaurant Management System is designed with innovative screen ideas to help you process your works fast.
Use the Restaurant Manager's Shift Card as a quick-reference tool for the Manager on Duty (MOD).

The compact design of the form is intended to provide managers with an agenda of all the tasks that need to be completed during the shift, such as vendor orders, opening and closing checklists, appointments, phone calls to be made, marketing promotions, scheduled parties and shift meeting topics. The backside of the form has a Shift Roster with space to list who is working the current shift, their scheduled start and finish times and a place to log in each employees' actual start and finish times as the shift progresses.
Having this valuable quick-reference tool helps keep the manager on the floor rather than having to constantly go back and forth from the office to check schedules, get a phone number or check the Manager's Logbook.
Record your Shift Meeting notes using a pre-designed format that has room for Daily Specials, Marketing Promotions, Customer Service Reminders, and other topics of interest. The Employee Roster provides a "quick read" of who is on the floor and each employee's schedule.
Enables managers to easily track labor hours for each shift and helps to prevent unwanted overtime.
Without being able to effectively manage the flow of foods and supplies in an effective manner, the chances of making any sort of significant profit from your food service shrink significantly.  But how does one effectively take control of their inventory? Xini Restaurant Management System is the best management software available for stand alone restaurants or chain restaurants. It also includes space for the manager to make notes that can later be transferred to the Manager's Logbook for future action. It provides the best solution for one screen order, kitchen-order-printing, food cost calculations, restaurant accounting, and table management options.

The system is prepared in such a way that it improves client satisfaction by providing improved and better dining service. If you are a proud hotel or resort owner, then the system can be bundled with XeniaS Hotel Management System to control the total data flow of you hotel or resort and to help you make more profit. The system operates so smooth without any flaws that guests visits your restaurant time and again. While it is quite possible to list and track all of this information manually, it is far more efficient and effective if an electronic inventory management system is put into use. Please find below few screen shots of the Xini Management System for better understanding of the software.
The most important part of it is that, the Xini Restaurant Management System makes you free so you can make other business plans without any hassles.

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