Discount Retail Store Services (DRSS) is North America’s Largest Independent Retail Store Developer. Frozen Yogurt Store Developers Frozen Yogurt is our coolest retail concept yet – and a booming segment of the $28 Billion frozen treat business.
Party Store Developers Calling all Party Animals: If you enjoy helping people have fun, the party store business could be a new career worth celebrating!
Clothing Store Developers All styles and shapes of people need all kinds of clothes – and that probably won't change anytime soon.
To get started on the development of your new store, simply fill out an online application or contact one of our National Development Directors. After you have done the initial planning with your National Development Director, you will be assigned a Business Financing Advisor to help secure the necessary financing for your business. Finding the right business location is a critical factor in determining the success of a retail business.
Our knowledge and experience in commercial lease negotiation protects you from the clauses that will cost you money.
Discount Retail Store Services has a global network of wholesale merchandisers and we also maintain our own import warehouse.
Every aspect of successful retail store operation – from ordering and merchandising inventory to store promotion and personnel supervision is fully covered in the DRSS training. We offer an ongoing series of telesminars geared to our various retail business concepts in a casual, no-pressure environment. We will email instructions to connect to the teleseminar and reminders about the event before it occurs. Potential entrepreneurs often regard a franchise as a comforting security blanket to have: a ready support network to answer questions, help them through issues, and supply them with goods and services.
A Discount Retail Store Services Owner makes 100% of the final decisions for their own business and keeps 100% of the profit. Learn the project management cycle step by step with this professional development certificate in Project Management.
Experienced project managers will guide you through all aspects of the completion of a "virtual project".
Two short courses to get you up-to-speed quickly in managing your projects with MS Project. Build a “virtual project” portfolio as you move through the courses – a great tool for illustrating your overall knowledge of project management.

We have decades of experience with commercial leasing, business financing, and merchandising. If you have a commercial real estate space that you would like to fill, we may have a client in your area seeking a quality site.
Contact us to learn about offering Discount Retail Store Services business opportunities to your clients. Customers mix and match their own favorite combinations of lower-calorie goodness and add toppings to taste. And selling fun can be profitable - as our deeply discounted wholesale merchandise prices put you in line for a healthy share of this $10 Billion+ market.
The massive - $250+ Billion - clothing industry offers a variety of possible concepts to choose from, including Accessories, Juniors, Tweens and Missy's. Each one of our clients is assigned a Development Director who remains available to you throughout your retail store project. Because every client's financial situation is a little different, we offer a variety of different financing types. Our Real Estate site location team analyzes every potential space in your market area using industry-leading, commercial real estate tools. We negotiate from a checklist of 17 important provisions on every lease package, which can save tens of thousands of dollars via special terms and a lower rent than is obtainable by an inexperienced new business owner. When your site is ready to go, a Build-Out Supervisors travels to your location to personally manage the project and the labor team.We provide all the labor, fixtures, and services required to build your retail store - and then hand you the keys. We have buying power based on volume - and negotiate the best possible prices for all of our retail stores and network members. Training via phone and internet or in attendance at our Las Vegas corporate facility is tailored to fit each owner's schedule. In reality, a franchise offers a higher store package price, regulations, fees, contractual obligations, extreme oversight, and loss of control – often completely overriding the entrepreneurial spirit that drove the franchisee to want to open a store. Offered in collaboration with the Project Management Institute (PMI), Orange County Chapter, Inc., the focus is the application of knowledge, and interpersonal skills along with the project management cycle. This project begins in the first class of the Project Management certificate and goes through the final class.
DRSS provides all of the essential services our clients need for success in a variety of retail business concepts.
Labor is limited to refilling the machines, weighing customer's creations – and taking payments.

That's because the secret is out: Dollar Store prices consistently beat the big box, so-called "discounters" and are now expanding into convenience store and grocery staples.
Combine that factor with their unique and ever-changing styles and you have a lucrative market that demands attention. They provide a complete demographic study, comprehensive traffic count studies, analyze nearby retail competition, and ultimately identify the best available business spaces in your local area. You need only sign up and call in to the teleconference line to connect with fellow investors and our business experts.
The role of DRSS is to provide all the counseling, service and support necessary - our owners need never feel alone. Upon completion of the final class, you will have a substantial portfolio that includes all aspects of your work managing the virtual project. Our opportunities include business financing, site location, lease negotiation, wholesale merchandise, and on-going business training. That's OK, We help research your community's demographics and local competition to assess and advise on the possibilities. Teens and Tweens spend over $200 Billion every year - and our wholesale merchandise buyers know what's hot.
We have helped many people qualify through our free credit repair services and special financing programs. Several certificate graduates report successfully using this portfolio to help them get project management jobs. A DRSS business is not a franchise - our clients retain full control, ownership and pay no on-going franchise fees.
But today's Mailbox and Business Centers are all that and more - who needs the Shrinking Post Office? Our turn-key package prices include everything needed to open the doors of your own, independent business.
Then watch some of our store owner's testimonials and browse the photo galleries to get a feel for which retail business would be the best match for you. Think instead of on-demand digital services, printing and promotional banners, a full range of office supplies and anything else that the booming number of home and virtual offices badly needs.

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