Although they are relatively few in number compared to other subjects, there are several foundation degree courses and degree programmes in retail management. If ita€™s a 4 year programme, your third year is likely to be spent on placement as a trainee manager where the 12 months will be aimed at giving you vocational professional on the job training. You should seek independent professional advice before acting upon any information on the ACareerInRetail website. We provide premier training for retailers large or small, online or at your facility.Try an online course TODAY! Solutions that fit your business.We've made it easy for you, just pick a profile that matches your business to get started. Solutions that fit your need.You know exactly what type of training you need and we've set it up for you. Our online retail training courses and retail seminar programs are based on real-world situations – not theory. Many retail companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to outsource their training programs.
Our retail training courses are available in the format that works best for your organization. Their specific titles may differ a little and some may incorporate other disciplines too.What Does A Degree Course In Retail Management Cover?A degree course in retail management is ultimately aimed at preparing students to work within a variety of leadership roles within the retail industry. This is an ideal way of providing you with some much valued experience and many major companies work with education providers to offer the students placements so ita€™s a good opportunity for not only putting on your CV but to make useful contacts too as well as helping with your professional development.
With decades of experience in store operations, sales management, field management, merchandising, and marketing our team knows what works and what needs to be communicated to your team.

Outsourcing offers distinct advantages including faster speed to market, the ability to take advantage of specialized knowledge, and lower costs.
RTS can provide you with an on-site classroom-based program or you can have our online retail training courses delivered to your team-members on-demand and on-time through our online training portal. This includes single courses that you can purchase on-demand through our convenient pay-as-you-go training store. You can choose from 2 year associate degrees at many educational establishments and there are some colleges which offer 4 year programmes. This period is also often a good way for you to determine what kind of retail career you might be suited to once you have left college or university.Year 4Your final year gives you the opportunity to consolidate what you have learned both through your academic studies alongside your work placement and to specialise in one or more career areas.
Whether it is one of our standard retail sales training courses, a retail management course or a custom designed retail training program you can be assured that RTS will deliver a quality solution on time. Whether it is increasing sales revenue, improving gross margin, controlling inventory, or reducing expenses you can count on RTS’ ability to support your business objectives.
Utilize RTS online courses to on-board sales representatives faster and more effectively while using our management training courses to help your store and field leaders to consistently drive results. You might also learn how to develop an understanding of international retailing and youa€™ll get to become even more knowledgeable about issues such as the role branding plays in retail, pricing strategies, consumer behaviour and quality control. We have online retail courses and retail seminars that can assist you with driving your KPIs, by letting you focus on your core activities. RTS can even Integrate our instructor-led retail training courses with the elearning programs to create a powerful blended retail training program. And, of course, our instructor-led classes are fun, energizing and can be easily customized to meet your business goals and requirements.

This will cover the various organisational, economic and financial environments within which you might end up working after youa€™ve graduated.
You should also expect to learn more about the complexities of managing a large, sometimes global, retail business.
Contact us today to see how RTS can support your goals by providing your team with the quality retail training programs that they deserve and you require. So, youa€™ll learn all about the operations and roles within areas such as buying, marketing, logistics, visual merchandising and accounts as well as being taught the computing and quantitative skills which are necessary skills to master within retail operations.
Hopefully, after your four years have been completed, youa€™ll be prepared to take your first steps into retail management.
Youa€™ll also learn to develop your a€?people skillsa€™ by taking part in both verbal and written communication exercises as well as developing your team working skills by completing group based assignments. There is a website called a€?Skillsmart Retaila€™ which is a very useful information resource when it comes to higher education qualifications within the retail sector. Some courses will also give you the opportunity to learn a foreign language which can come in very handy if you end up working for a global retailer where you may get the opportunity to work overseas.

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