Our well researched list of online retail and sales management degree programs will help you combine the merits of a Business or Business Administration program with the value of retail- and sales-specific skills and get a formula for professional success. Thanks to both the wonders of technology and the advent of the nontraditional student, many schools now offer such degrees online. Western Governors University helps students work towards an online retail management degree at the affordable rate of $6,070 per year.
Learn about sales team building, operations, strategy, infrastructure, communications, project management and more with a degree in Sales and Sales Management from Western Governors University. As a school that has been named a “Top 20” institution for online bachelor’s degrees and a “Top 10” institution for programs for veterans by U.S. Work towards a new career in sales at the American Public University by getting a sales management degree at around $6,000 per year.
By combining interpersonal, communication, and critical thinking skills training with instruction in management and leadership, American Public University has devised a Retail Management program that will put students on a path to success. Colorado State University – Global works with students to get an online retail management degree at an affordable rate. Colorado State University has a unique organizational structure to it online programs; there are a number of specializations that students can apply to a variety of majors.
Learn more about sales at the University of Phoenix by getting retail management degree at a cheap rate. Grapple with some of the most important issues in consumer behavior, retailing, sales, and public relations through the University of Houston’s degree in Retailing and Consumer Science. Rated as a Top 10 Military School, Jones International University offers students an online retail management degree at less than $13,000 per year. Jones International University has created a concentration in Sales and Marketing Management to address the differences between sales techniques and general business functions. Iris Stone got her start in writing when she began working as a freelance writer and researcher in 2011.
If you’re interested in a career as a store manager, a buyer or merchandiser, a sales analyst, or something else in a related field, we recommend you explore a bachelor’s degree in Retail or Sales Management.
Explore the list below to find out how you can earn an undergraduate degree without leaving your home – and save money doing it.
General education classes combine with practical training in research, writing, analysis, and finance to produce an affordable online retail and sales management degree program that is sure to land you the job you desire. News and World Report, Bellevue University offers students a reliable and credible retail management degree.

Requirements include classes in Consumer Behavior, Supply Chain Management, Management Communications, and Organizational Behavior, as well as a number of elective courses. The online retail and sales management degree program prepares students to become product developers, store managers, marketing representatives, and buyers in a global marketplace that demands strong leaders. Thus, you have the option of combining a major in Business Management with a specialization in Professional Sales to create a program with the best of both worlds. All courses are held online and are accessible from any computer that has access to the internet. Interested students can build on this foundation by concentrating in one of four areas, including Retail Management. Most of the emphasis of this program is on analyzing how consumers function as members of a larger social and economic unit. Although you will still acquire a great foundation in business, you’ll also receive training in sales- and marketing-specific skills, such as integrating sales and marketing with service, communicating with markets, managing the sales force, and using the internet in business. Her freelance business soon took off and she now owns and operates a writing and editing firm that works with clients all across the country.
The nine schools below have been narrowed down from a longer list of colleges and universities with distance education programs.
The program is ideal work working professionals, especially entry-level workers, who hope to advance their careers, as well as older students who have completed some college credit. Learn all the fundamentals of retail management in Bellevue’s bachelor’s program by that name, which offers training in financial analysis, marketing, leadership, and management. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in as little as two years by completing 144 credits in Introduction to Retail Supply, Marketing and High Technology Products, Principles of Finance, and many others.
The first option allows you to accelerate your studies by earning your Retail Management degree in your first two years and then immediately transition into the BSB program, which you can complete in just another two years.
This accredited online retail and sales management degree is ideal for professionals who want to pursue careers in buying and retail management, visual merchandising, retail sales analysis, sales promotion, or fashion coordination.
Although this program is offered entirely online, the distance education format is geared toward students who have already completed general education coursework at another institution.
All Business Administration students also participate in a Capstone Project, in which they create a professional development plan and draft a resume. Despite the time it takes to run a business she still does much of the writing herself, and her work has included a variety of content related to education policy, colleges and universities, academic programs, and graduates’ careers. All schools have extensive online programs, offer a degree in Sales or Retail management, and are extremely affordable.

WGU is regionally accredited and holds three additional accreditations, and was also given a Distance Learning Award by the United States Distance Learning Association.
Although the cheap online retail and sales management degree program is formatted entirely for distance education, students learn in a collaborative “cohort” style, and the particularly busy can achieve their goals at an accelerated pace. News and World Report, and 99% of employers who hire APU grads say they would hire another one – a great testament to the strength of its programs. Classes are self-paced and self-study, so you can move through the material at your own pace. The online retail and sales management degree other program grounds you more squarely in business practices, with the option of moving your Sales Management certificate courses to the front-end of your degree in order to jumpstart your career. Most of the classes are focused on the fashion and consumer sciences, as well as training in using computerized merchandise systems.
JIU has been rated a “Top 10 Military School” and uses the Military Advancement Program to help veterans map out their educational and career goals. The school also appears on our list of Top 20 Cheap Online Marketing Degree Programs (Bachelor’s). Graduates find success motivating staff, organizing stores, analyzing sales trends, and taking on other, greater responsibilities in their professional lives.
Mayfield is a globally recognized school that has accreditations from the Distance Learning Quality Assurance Agency, the Global Accreditation Council for Business Education, and three other reputable agencies. The Professional Sales specialization focuses on explaining key negotiation tactics and sales strategies through classes covering everything from sales force management to emotional intelligence. The university has an accreditation from the North Central Association Higher Learning Commission. Lamar’s Business program is accredited by the notable AACSB, and small class sizes and a low student to faculty ratio contribute to the school’s reputation as a leader in academic achievement.
News and World Report, Princeton Review, The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneur magazine; and is listed as one of the Top 300 universities in the world.

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