As Bob Proctor has so eloquently stated in one of his seminars, "This creative energy flows to you and through you, and you have the ability to give it form through the proper use of your imagination.
Felicia is continuing her video series where she shares inspirational stories of people who’ve overcome challenges and adversities and gone on to be very successful people in life. Mastin Kipp had the world at his feet as one of the youngest junior executives in the Los Angeles music industry, but an escalating drug and alcohol habit eventually led to the greatest shock of his life. These type of stories like Mastin Kipp’s, are very inspirational to us because it gives us hope that things could be ok if this person makes a better choice and if Mastin can do it, anyone can do it.
And so the message I get from this is that although suffered from this disability of having this drug and alcohol addiction and he lost things, he still went on to reinvent himself and make better choices so that he could live a more successful life and help others in the process.
If you would like to see how Felicia and I have created freedom in our lives as well as many others then click on the green button below.
Hi Brian and Felicia I have seen you on FB too your video series is inspirational as you too are. This creative energy has the potential to lift our lives from mediocre to absolute abundance if only we allow it to. Raise your level of awareness and consciousness of the creative energy that flows through you.
After a traumatic high-school football injury in 1993, Rodney Flowers was rendered a quadriplegic, bound to the confines of his wheelchair.

We have someone very close to us who suffers with drug and alcohol addiction and it is very scary. Tara, well done you… Drugs and Alcohol is not an easy process to go through, for anyone. I love hearing uplifting stories like this because it proves how powerful we truly are as human beings. Resisting the change is choosing the negative path, our emphasis is on the negative, which brings with it even more negativity, pain and misery. Although he was told his prognosis for recovery was unfavorable, Rodney knew he would turn things around, make an impact on the world, and walk again. To transform the negative into positive, first look for the good and positive things in the situations. To do that, look at every single thing in your life with NEW EYES: with grateful eyes, with positive eyes, and with eyes that only see the good. In one week my investors pulled out, my business partner and I broke up, my roommate gave me three days notice, I developed gout in my foot, my lower back went out, and the girl I was seeing, she and I broke up.
It’s very tough because it really ultimately comes down to their own personal choices of whether they take action to get better or stay stuck in the same place with these destructive behaviors.
Im visiting his Website now to see What Masten Kipp is Creating in this amazing world Now!!

There is good in every single situation, and as you look for the good things the Law of Attraction must present them to you.
Thanks to my dad for exposing me to all that lifechanging material, I’m on the road as an entrepreneur, enjoying and embracing my passions. Additionally, command that  this change will bring unlimited good and positivity, and know and believe in your heart that as you command it, it must be done.
Figuring out how to love the way you look has nothing to do with beginning an eating regimen or reshaping your eyebrows. Rodney's also a co-author of the Amazon bestseller, Unwavering Strength, Volume 2, a moving collection of stories demonstrating that while adversities may be inevitable, overcoming them leads to the same outcome: growth, healing, and transformation. He's a vibrant role model with tremendous impact on every life he touches with a relentless passion to share his story to motivate, transform and encourage others to embrace and live their life purpose to the fullest. He's been featured on Quantum Alchemy Radio, War Room Sports Radio, as well as Get Bold Today hosted by multiple Emmy winner LeGrande Green.
Spiritual beauty brings new beginnings, fresh faith, and the hope of a beauty unique in the universe.

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