June 19, 2012 by Lyn 12 Comments On my brief travels on the interwebs yesterday, I stumbled across a lovely, free blank magic cheque (or check, if you’re some place other than the Commonwealth) for manifesting money.
The timing of this find is impeccable because today I went to a cupboard to do some de-cluttering and found that I’d  gotten into the habit of storing old bills. Here’s my bag of old bills and credit card statements that have been now properly dispatched. Anyway, enough of my law of attraction anti-abundance manifestation technique and onto something that could actually be beneficial. You can get your magic cheque in pdf or you can print directly from your browser with an html version. Once you’ve printed it, cut it out so it looks like a cheque and not just a big piece of paper with something printed in the middle.

It’s the new moon tonight so it could be just the right time to fill out a magic cheque. If you want to take the magic cheque principal one step further, create a spreadsheet of your finances and show a deposit for the cheque amount. It looks like you have a beautiful, polished wood floor in your home – instead of wall-to-wall carpet. I'm going to be doing this tonight and I think it will be great if we all keep track of just how we become blessed. Lyn, I would *definitely* be interested in a forum for attracting abundance, prosperity, success…in whatever way one comes across – methods, means, and manifesting results! To my mind, ANY record of the positives in one's life, past, or present, can only be good.

I'm an author, spiritual life coach, intuitive reader, EFT tapper, artist AND I'm on mission is to bring divine feminine gifts into a world that’s gone crazy on masculine energy.
Sign up for my newsletter and your copy of Writing the Wisdom of Your Soul - a 48-page workbook with a tarot twist will hurtle its way into your inbox. I won’t mind that!!), put a date on the top, and enter the amount of money you want to attract.

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