From Rhonda Byrne, creator of the international bestselling movie and book, The Secret, comes HERO, her latest world-changing project and the most important to date. It has been passed down through the ages, highly coveted, hidden, lost, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money. Advanced Law of Attraction Secrets teaches you the most advanced, profound, insightful, and yet simple secrets on how to activate the law of attraction in your favor. Attract money and wealth into your life and increase your bank account with the help of this guided meditation script from certified hypnotherapist, Joel Thielke. Now Rhonda Byrne reveals the greatest power in the universe: The Power to have anything you want. Fragments of this Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries.

Law of attraction gurus Jacob Elliot and Michelle Minzghor hold nothing back, providing the listener with truly exceptional and helpful tricks, tips, and techniques on harnessing the awesome powers of the Universe. Learn how to harness the power of the Law of Attraction and make it work for you - while you sleep! Folj med Rhonda Byrne pa en oforglomlig resa under 28 dagar da vi upptacker hur fantastiskt och fortrollande livet kan vara.
Imagine if there was a map that showed you step by step how to get from where you are now to your true calling and the life you were born to live - the most brilliant, rich, fulfilling, and dazzling life you could ever dream of. In this book you will come to understand that all it takes is just one thing to change your relationships, money, health, happiness, career, and your entire life. In this audiobook you will discover the Secret, and you will learn how to have, do, or be anything you want.

With Law of Attraction: Money & Wealth (Sleep Learning System), change your mindset and change your life while you rest. This book is a stand-alone book, as long as you have read the basic law of attraction books, this audiobook will turn you into the Hercules of manifestation.
Vart aventyr tar i sjalva verket sin borjan for tvatusen ar sedan nar livsomvalvande kunskap doldes i en helig text.
Sit back and listen, and let the new understandings and profound concepts change the way you attract forever.

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