This incident, oddly enough, is only one in a series of life-or-death situations Fleming has experienced throughout her lifetime.
Born Marilyn Louis on August 10, 1923 in Hollywood, California to show business parents, the future international film star grew up with aspirations of becoming a singer. Western film and television shows helped shape the moral values of many people in this country. Wildest Westerns is a Western magazine that is dedicated to revisiting those "thrilling tales of yesteryear" in the articles, interviews, reviews, and photos on our magazine pages.
The director wanted a close-up of the action with Rhonda Fleming in all her stunning beauty riding furiously uphill and raising her horse skyward, with the rugged Glenn Ford following in hot pursuit.
In each case, the actress has miraculously escaped serious harm and attributes such moments of survival to divine intervention.

It was during her adolescent years while attending Beverly Hills High School that Fleming’s day of discovery would arrive.
Children grew up watching Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, and many other heroes of the silver screen following the "Code of the West." The battle of wrong vs. One day, while running late to school, a seemingly suspicious car circled around the block, its driver observing the teenager walking briskly with her long, auburn hair flowing in the wind.
It is our hope that this Western magazine will awaken the memories in your heart, and also help bring to light the values of the Western to those who didn't have the benefit of knowing these wonderful heroes and villains.
With horses’ hooves pounding and dust and dirt flying, Fleming and Ford reached the summit.
We will always remember them, and would like to say "Thank You" to all the actors, actresses, directors, producers, studios, and all the unsung heroes behind the scenes that brought us the Western.

Fleming pulled back on the reigns, raising her horse’s head and front legs majestically.
To the horror of both cast and crew, the horse reeled backward, causing the star to hit the ground like a rag doll with the 900-pound beast crashing down of top of her, knocking her unconscious.

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