As usual, Rhonda Vincent was SPBGMA’s top winner, walking away with the entertainer of the year and contemporary female vocalist trophies as she has done numerous times before. Vincent and her band, the Rage, also closed the show, which was highlighted by a rollicking set by recent Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Mac Wiseman. Tim Graves, the much-laurelled Dobro player and current member of the Farm Hands band, was inducted into SPBGMA’s Preservation Hall of Greats. SPBGMA has a genius for scheduling its awards show on nights something far more attention-grabbing is taking place. Graves, the nephew of Flatt & Scruggs’ epic Dobroist Josh Graves, began his bluegrass career at the age of 14. He has been a member of the Boys From Shiloh and bands led by such Grand Ole Opry acts as Wilma Lee Cooper, the Whites and the Osborne Brothers.
Looking as regal and beatific as a medieval pope, Wiseman sat beaming under his trademark newsboy cap, cracking jokes and belting out classics from what we might call The Great American Notebook — songs radio listeners transcribed by hand in their notebooks in the days before there were tape recorders. Wiseman’s latest album is Songs From My Mother’s Hand, based on lyrics his mother transcribed for him when he was just starting out as a singer. Performing in addition to Wiseman and Vincent were Randy Waller & the Country Gentlemen, the Grascals, Rarely Herd and Marty Raybon and Full Circle. The Grascals honored the late songwriter Paul Craft via an ethereal rendering of his “Keep Me From Blowing Away.” They also dedicated the song to songwriter Dixie Hall, who died Jan. Jaelee Roberts, daughter of the Grascals’ mandolinist Danny Roberts, harvested a giant swath applause for her version of the Jimmy C.
But the crowd really got going when Raybon led it in a clap-along response to “Next to You, Next to Me,” the 1990 hit by the country band Shenandoah, of which Raybon was the lead singer. When Vincent returned to center stage to sing “Only Me,” the title song to her current album, she told the crowd that it had not won the best bluegrass album Grammy for which it had been nominated. This site contains content from artists, fans, and writers from around the internet in it's natural form. It’s the third day in our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway with Rhonda Vincent, a promotion that will run up through Christmas Day. Each day one entrant will receive fun prizes from Rhonda, Martha White and Bluegrass Today.
Also part of each 12 Days Of Christmas from Bluegrass Today will be recipes from Rhonda’s kitchen. Step 2: Steep  ? c of Loose Leaf Tea or six  regular Lipton tea bags for 5 minutes in the boiling water.

Don’t forget to stop back each day for a scrumptious recipe from Rhonda’s Kitchen, and be sure to enter online to win! About Latest Posts John LawlessJohn had served as primary author and editor for The Bluegrass Blog from its launch in 2006 until being folded into Bluegrass Today in September of 2011.
Back in the days when I served on the IBMA Board, as I think I’d mentioned in a previous column, it was a simpler and less stressful time, a time before social media and the clip-on tuner. In recent years, country music fans who can’t stand today’s rap-infused “bro-country” sound have found a home in bluegrass. For every headlining, nationally touring, IBMA Award-winning group out there, there are a dozen local or regional bluegrass acts keeping the roads hot and the little clubs and community centers packed. It’s often difficult for artists who play roots music to bridge the gap between traditional and modern styles in a convincing way. It just was last year that Nu-Blu’s song That’s What Makes The Bluegrass Blue was the most played song on SiriusXm’s Bluegrass Junction. You better hold on to something solid when Ewell Ferguson kicks off his weekly one hour bluegrass radio show. It’s hard to keep a good man down in bluegrass music (although we all do like to be lonesome now and then), and radio broadcaster Larry Roberts is a prime example of that. Rhonda’s acclaimed band, the Rage, rose to the occasion, braved the heat and together they recorded an amazing album of gospel standards and new tunes. A day and a half into the recording, the electricity finally came back on, but Rhonda says they continued on without making changes.
Recording a gospel album with her band is something Rhonda had wanted to do for a long time.
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8) in Los Angeles, the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America was leisurely handing out its own profusion of awards at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville. He was one of the few musicians to perform for the entire run of the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition to his long career as a solo star, Wiseman was also a member of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys and Flatt & Scruggs’ Foggy Mountain Boys. That honor, she said, had instead gone to the eponymous Earls of Leicester by the band formed specifically to pay homage to Flatt & Scruggs. He continues in that capacity here, managing a strong team of columnists and correspondents.

If they venture too far from established convention, they sound contrived; if they stick too closely to it, they become a novelty act. Some folks are born into it, listening to mom and dad play Flatt & Scruggs before they’re even out of the hospital. The emphasis on tradition, the lack of electric instruments, the sheer lonesomeness of it all – it’s not Katy Perry or Justin Beiber, that’s for sure. However, the award-winning bluegrass queen will readily admit the actual recording was a bit of a nightmare too.
She was also named IBMA entertainer of the year in 2001 and earned to top entertainer accolade from SPBGMA from 2002 through 2006. My bass player and another friend of ours went and bought $1500 worth of electrical cable and they hooked into the Martha White bus and powered [the sessions]. It was like if you’d gone in your oven, but in the end, it was the most special experience of my life.
All burdens and worries lay crumpled on the asphalt behind us as cheery festival staff lasso our wrists with those colorful Charm City Bluegrass bracelets. We had a film crew, a recording crew and all kinds of guests that had traveled hundreds of miles, so it was like, ‘We have to do this.
For years, I would sing it at sound check and I just couldn’t seem to finish it and then I met Lisa Shaffer.
I really have to attribute it to my band who were so amazing through this because most bands would have said, ‘You know what? I did a gospel song, then the next group did one, and the next group did one." Vincent explained.
He was trying, at every turn, to get us to react and to do something negative," Vincent said. Can I do that?' We did that, but it was an amazingly disheartening situation."I was so mad," Vincent continued.

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