The School Guidance Counselor is an endorsed professional educator who assists students, teachers, parents and administrators. To become a School Guidance Counselor, a person must have a Master's degree in Guidance & Counseling from an accredited institution and meet other endorsement requirements as defined in each state. As the name implies, a significant part of the Teacher Librarian’s role is teaching.  This teaching is focused primarily on literacy, including digital literacy, and developing information literate students (Herring, 2007, p.
Inspirational Teacher Librarians are not only teachers but also life-long learners (Hamilton, 2011, p.40 and Valenza, 2010) who model life-long learning to their students and other teachers.
Teacher Librarians are also leaders: information literacy leaders, curriculum leaders (Herring, 2007, p. Teacher Librarians also act as facilitators – encouraging students, parents and teachers to collaborate, to learn and to share ideas (Haycock, 2007, p. To be effective, Teacher Librarians must collaborate with the principal and other teachers to understand and identify ways to contribute to the goals of the school.

Through their graduate programs, school guidance counselors are trained to work toward preventing the development of children's problems, intervene quickly to correct problems and their escalation and provide crisis intervention.
The vast majority of school guidance counselors are former classroom teachers with classroom experience; this includes an intricate knowledge of the inner working of the school and how students function within it. Possess strength and stamina to be able to remain in a seated position for up for up to 90 minutes at a time throughout the work day with a minimum of fatigue or discomfort.
They strive to continually develop their own skills, learn about new developments in Information Communication Technologies and integrate technology in their instruction (Harvey II, 2009). 30) and team leaders.  They must have sound knowledge of the curriculum and use this knowledge to support and partner with teachers to design meaningful learning experiences for students (Lamb, 2011, p.
30).  They think strategically about the way information is managed within the library to assist students and teachers to easily select and locate materials appropriate to their needs (Purcell, 2010, p. What is taught in the library should be integrated with school life and life beyond the school.  It should equip students for “a life that requires thinking, inquiry, problem solving and ethical behaviour” (Lamb, 2011, p.

Possess visual acuity and stamina to work at a computer for at least part of each day with a minimum of fatigue or discomfort.
The school librarian as teacher: What kind of teacher are you? Knowledge Quest, 39(5), 34-40.
Possess strength and stamina to be able to remain in a standing position for up to 90 minutes at a time throughout the work day with a minimum of fatigue or discomfort.

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