And yet, much like Mike Tyson met his comeuppance at the hands of Buster Douglas in a stadium halfway around the world a generation ago, Holm, the former world boxing champion, put in a flawless performance against the biggest star in mixed martial arts in front of a potential record crowd in Melbourne, Australia.
Holm (10-0) absolutely dominated the previously invincible Rousey in the main event of UFC 193 on Saturday night before finishing her with a brutal head kick knockout at the 59-second mark of the second round to claim the UFC bantamweight title.
Rousey (12-1) came out and pushed an aggressive pace from the outset, but it turned out not to be a smart tactic against a fighter who had 38 pro boxing fights under her belt before ever turning to MMA.
The finish was a stunning conclusion to a tumultuous several-week period in which dissension swirled around the Rousey camp. Finally, at Friday's weigh-ins, Rousey came unglued during the traditional posedown while Holm kept her cool, a foreshadowing of things to come. UFC 193 proved to be a historic moment for the UFC, after Holly Holm comprehensively defeated Ronda Rousey, to become only the second woman in history to be crowned UFC bantamweight champion. It marked the end of Rousey’s unbeaten streak in MMA, the first loss in her 13 professional fight career. Her dominance in the UFC has been so strong, she has grown to become the biggest name in UFC. Many believe the media’s portrayal of Ronda as the greatest athlete on the planet has contributed to her downfall. Going up against a world champion boxer in Holly Holm, Ronda wanted to beat her at her own game, choosing to stand and strike, rather than play to her own judo strengths.
So you can only imagine the devastation Ronda would have felt after being knocked out so brutally. Ronda avoided all media contact and has only made one public statement since her loss, on Instagram.

Upon her arrival home to Los Angeles, Ronda was greeted with a swarm of media reporters, desperate to get a photo and a comment. Clearly humiliated, Ronda fled from the scene, covering herself up with a hoodie, sunglasses and a pillow over her face. However, earlier today, Ronda’s mother, Annmarie Demars, posted a family photo on Instagram where she is looking in good spirits. Hundreds of fans have responded to the post, expressing their joy in seeing Ronda returning to her cheerful self and posting positive comments to her. UFC Fighter Valentina Shevchenko was today involved in an armed robbery shootout in Chorrillos, Peru yesterday.
Earlier in the week, Conor McGregor met with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta for dinner, to discuss his future and when he would fight next. Rousey was upset in thrilling fashion at UFC 193 against Holly Holm, who knocked the champion out in the second round with a monster kick to the head.
WATCH: Holly Holm Knocks Out Ronda Rousey at UFC 193Holly Holm shocked the world and knocked out Ronda Rousey at UFC 193. Holm figured out Rousey's timing, used front kicks to keep her from moving in, and repeatedly tagged the stationary Rousey as she stood in front of Holm.
With her 3 previous fights lasting a total of 64 seconds, it’s no wonder Joe Rogan described as the greatest ever. She was escorted by her boyfriend Travis Browne to a waiting vehicle and refused to make any comments.
The photo is captioned “Every family get together we try to do a theme picture for my mom.

Unfortunately for Conor, what can be disputed though, is whether he is bigger than the UFC.
Just 24 hours ago Rousey was considered the most dominant athlete on the planet, but she was completely overmatched against Holm, whose boxing pedigree and striking skills picked the former champ apart. Holm on UFC 193 online, on mobile or on other devices can click here to order the PPV replay.
Holm helped set an attendance record the first time around, and a rematch would be an even bigger draw.
Or if you simply want to watch all of Rousey or Holm’s previous fights click here to start a free trial of UFC Fight Pass. Amy Schumer and Kate Hudson Vacation in Hawaii With Goldie Hawn - People MagazineChrissy Teigen's Baby Girl Is Basically an Angel Among Us Thanks to Her Weekend Outfit - E! Holm landed a right hand to the grounded Rousey before referee Herb Dean waved off the bout at 0:59. Not only would it be an appropriate headliner for such a banner event, but it would give Rousey about eight months to rest and prepare, a necessary break after an incredibly busy 2015.
Then Rousey hung up on a media call when asked about her relationship with UFC fighter Travis Browne, who was accused of domestic abuse by his previous girlfriend (He has not been charged for the alleged actions).

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