Ronda Rousey is a mixed martial arts fighter, Ultimate Fighting Championship® Female Bantamweight Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist in Judo – so you would think that someone like Ronda would never be bullied, right?
She eventually overcame bulimia through a journey of self-discovery, self acceptance and encouragement from her judo coach and her Mom. Unfortunately, the situation eventually escalated to a fight, with Ronda and her friends able to defend and protect themselves and eventually get away from the bullies. When you do stand up for yourself, there may be consequences, so you need to use your best judgment. In an interview with MMAFighting, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey opened up to her love of Pokemon. Competing in Judo requires athletes to compete by weight class, so her weight was a constant issue in her life.
She also said being a teenage girl didn't help, as girls in general are very body conscious. There was another instance that she talked about in an interview, and this one did involve a traditional bully – actually, it was multiple bullies. You know, the loud ones that talk through the movie, put their feet up on the back of your chair and are basically a pain in the you-know-what.

Ronda said she repeatedly asked the girl to put her feet down, but she would put them right back up. The point of this story is NOT that the situation escalated to a fight; the point is that somewhere along the line, Ronda learned that there are times when you must stand up for yourself, even if it is scary or it means you may get into some sort of confrontation or trouble. Did you notice that she did NOT just take the abuse because she was afraid she might get in trouble or what might happen? You don't need to be a martial artist (although it helps tremendously when you have the confidence that comes from knowing you could protect yourself if a bully tried to harm you) or an Olympian. The important question is this: how much is your self respect worth to you, and if you do stand up for yourself, how valuable is that boost in your self confidence going to be to your future? Here, you will discover the latest, hard-hitting, politically incorrect, uncensored truth about what really works when it comes to bullying. She not only talks about how it started but also details how much gaming she did and how she lost a lot of weight because of it. She also does not recognize Pokemon Pinball as an actual game, which I can totally agree with.
I would have never pegged her as a Pokemon person let alone be putting up that much hours in the game, but you never know unless you ask that question.

In one summer, she had a growth spurt and went from between 70 and 80 pounds to 140 pounds.
Dealing with the emotional trauma of her personal loss at a young age (her father) and then dealing with the rigors of judo competition and managing her weight led her to bouts of bulimia. Not only has she overcome bulimia, but after reaching her level of accomplishment and stardom in the UFC, she has also partnered with the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Clinic to help young people fight eating disorders.
Ronda then said the girl started to make comments towards Ronda, all the while pushing on her chair with her feet. The bullies sued when they found out who Ronda was (of course), and Ronda had to go to court, where the case was thrown out.
She was inconvenienced by the lawsuit and had to pay five grand to an attorney to get the lawsuit dismissed. This incident was also what fueled her to go into mixed martial arts competition, where she is now a world champion.

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