Troy University’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Course sent ten of their cadets to Field Training this summer.
Many of the cadets who attended Field Training were awarded for their excellent performance. The Air Force ROTC detachment at Troy is a two-year program along with Charleston Southern University. Unlike the four-year detachments across the nation, students don’t start the program until they enter their junior year.
The detachment offers a student organization, Trojan Air Club, for those students who can’t participate in the program. As you negotiate your way around our website, and the individual ROTC websites and Facebook pages for each university's ROTC Company, you should be able to find most of the general information regarding our program. Online Military EducationA Non-Government Privately Sponsored Military Educational and GI Bill ResourceWhat Level Officer Will You Be After ROTC Training?
The Reserve Officer Training Corps, known as ROTC, provides college students with the educational and leadership skills necessary to become an entry level officer after ROTC training in a variety of career pathways. Becoming an entry level officer after ROTC training starts with participating in an elective ROTC program in college.
Regardless of the undergraduate major, all ROTC candidates receive the same training and education concerning military history, organizational structure, regulations, strategy, tactics and personnel expectations.
Each military branch has its own rank designation for those entering the service after completion of ROTC training.

After completing an ROTC or NROTC program, entry level officers will be required to serve for a specified time period in the military branch to which they are assigned. For five weeks, these cadets were being trained and evaluated for potential entry into the professional officer course. Zach Ronkainen, a senior criminal justice major from Enterprise, was a distinguished graduate at Field Training, and received the Top Gun award. Trojan Air Club is open to all Troy students and is especially recommended for those looking to join the Air Force ROTC program later in their college career. Student-centered learning in degree programs that fully engage you in the classroom and the real world. Army ROTC is a great way to establish a foundation of professionalism that will position you for life-long learning.
Those entering Navy or Marine Corps programs will find they are designated as NROTC programs.
Once accepted into the program, recruits participate in boot camp training pertinent to their chosen military branch to begin their career journey towards becoming an entry level officer after ROTC training.
Military career advantages include higher pay compensation, increased opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills, potentially faster promotion rates and consideration for preferred duty stations.
Along with Ronkainen, Bryant Bailey, a senior biomedical science major from Grand Bay, received the distinguished graduate award, and Nate Mack, a senior athletic training major from Andalusia, received the superior performance award.

No matter your experience level, fitness level, or interest level in the Army, every aspect of ROTC is designed to give you the leadership skills and real world experiences you need to lead others. Such lifelong, leadership and management lessons facilitate future career success in military or civilian careers and benefit ROTC candidates no matter which branch of the military they choose to join. Army, Air Force and Marine officers must serve at least four years of active duty followed by four more years of service in the Reserves.
Subsequently, those re-entering the civilian workforce after meeting service duty obligations will find employers eager to hire highly trained leaders in a variety of occupational fields. Better yet, come on over to the Department of Military Science (Communication Technologies Building, Room 141) and we can sit and discuss ROTC in person!LTC K. Considering all these benefits and advantages, becoming an entry level officer after ROTC training may be one of the best educational and career opportunities to pursue.
Those in dental or medical programs at the graduate level must commit to serve 12 years if their degree was provided through military schools or nine years for degrees earned through a civilian program.

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