Craig Jutila earned his Bachelors Degree in Christian Education from Biola University and the Craig Jutila books "Leadership Essentials in Children’s Ministry" by Group Publishing and "Daze To Knights, How To Encourage, Equip and Empower Your Staff" are blessing countless people. IMPORTANT: Your contact information will never be shared and you can unsubscribe at any time.
With my staff at Saddleback, our objective is clear when it comes to our volunteer leaders. It's amazing that a person will work a 40 or 50-hour work week and then give up some of their weekend time to make a difference in the life of a child. Craig Jutila also created the program "Breakout," a four book discipleship series that encourages and challenges children to grow deeper in their walk with Christ. It has been said that a leader is someone with a magnet in his heart and a compass in his head.
I say, "The staff that plays together stays together." Get out of the office, get out of your environment, and get out of the box!

Our senior pastor Rick Warren says, "As soon as you stop learning, you stop leading." Listen, if you are coasting, you are going downhill and that's a fact. If you are struggling with a real life situation, share it with those closest to you on your team.
Some people like clear routine, others like spontaneity, some like tasks, others like vision, some re-energize by being with other people and others re-energize by being alone.
Think outside the lines, color outside the lines, laugh, have fun, be ridiculous, have a hot fudge sundae and don't count the calories, bungee jump, do a somersault, play a video game! The five letters in STARS spells out what our ministry is all about according to the five purposes of the church.
Craig Jutila has been a presenter for Group Publishing and the International Network of Children’s Ministry and has written several articles for Group's Children's Ministry Magazine. However, if you pull it, the chain stretches out and all links work together, moving in the direction you intend it to go.

He does consulting and seminars throughout the country, championing leadership and what it means to be 'Purpose Driven' in your Children’s Ministry.
First Corinthians 12:9 (TLB) says, "My power shows up best in weak people." It's ok to be authentic! Craig Jutila has been in children’s ministry since 1988 and resides with his wife Mary, twin sons Alec and Cameron and daughter, Karimy, in Southern California .

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