One of the French Saint films, Le Saint Mene la Danse, from 1960 has been re-released by Turner Classic Movies on DVD and VHS under the title, The Dance of Death. The Saint of Death is the tenth episode of season 3 and the thirtieth episode of Paranormal Witness series. When Chris met the 'real estate' guy, it was obvious that real estate wasn't his only business.
Guillermo walked out of the apartment, and saw black moths swarmed on the light over the door.  Black moths were a symbol of death to their culture, and they were only on the light nearest their apartment. Chris went to a family reunion, and finally admitted to his cousin that he was frightened about what was going on. The curandera performed an egg cleansing, and informed him that someone could be performing witchcraft on him. A Mexican follower of Santa Muerte (Saint Death) shows his tattoo in front of a shrine in Tepito, a violent neighborhood of Mexico City, Mexico, 1 May 2011. What santa muerte business insider, Santa muerte or saint death a figurine of la santa muerte (the saint of death) a cult figure often mexican drug cartels that. We have an collection of Mexican Drug Gangs Worship Saint Death Santa Muerte Death Cult in various styles. Leslie Charteris did not think very highly of the film, and forbid it from all English-speaking countries.

The Turner link is for Movies Unlimited which sends you a DVD-R copy by Sinister Cinema, which seems a bit dubious to me. The apartment was filthy, the door stuck, and the windows were painted black, but it was the only option that Chris had. He looked for the figure, but found nothing.  Whatever had opened that door, he knew it wasn't physical. She said she had a friend who might be able to help.  Her friend was a curandera, a Mexican faith healer.
She told him to look through the apartment for something out of place, something ritualistic.
The religious cult of Santa Muerte is a syncretic fusion of Aztec death worship rituals and Catholic beliefs. Here is some inspiring pictures about Mexican Drug Gangs Worship Saint Death Santa Muerte Death Cult. You'd think this was an official Turner release, but its nothing but a DVD-R (and for $18.99 hardly worth it when you consider the average quality and the fact that its origin was NOT disclosed). Born in lower-class neighborhoods of Mexico City, it has always been closely associated with crime.
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Things soon get even creepier when prowlers are spotted on the grounds of the playboy's mansion, a guard dog is poisoned and the chauffeur is found brutally murdered.
Chris tore through the apartment, until he found a loose baseboard in the floor of the closet. Chris had to stay home, as he had his son for the weekend.  Chris fell asleep on the couch.
In the past decades, original Santa Muerte's followers (such as prostitutes, pickpockets and street drug traffickers) have merged with thousands of ordinary Mexican Catholics. He woke in the middle of the night, turned the TV off, but stopped when he heard a noise that sounded like someone trying to break into the apartment. The Saint Death veneration, offering a spiritual way out of hardship in the modern society, has rapidly expanded. Inside the box was a card of a Santa Muerte, "a renegade Catholic saint worshipped by murders and criminals."  He called the curandera, who told him to bring it to her. Although the Catholic Church considers the Santa Muerte's followers as devil worshippers, on the first day of every month, crowds of believers in Saint Death fill the streets of Tepito.

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