There’s no greater impact on sales performance than the implementation of effective sales coaching.
When we perform analysis of sales coaching, the sales leaders all claim to be coaching their sales people and coaching them to a high standard. 1) most sales people are lucky to receive one coaching session per month – this is typically less than sales leaders claim and less than their employers want. 2) when we measure the competencies of the sales people, we see an over optimistic appraisal of the situation from the sales leaders. With clear differences of opinion on how much sales coaching is actually happening, it helps to get sales leaders to agree on what exactly sales coaching is.
This last sentence is the clue as to why there is a volume gap perception for sales managers when it comes to sales coaching.
1.Sales Executive Council research with 2,000 salespeople showed salespeople who receive three hours or more of coaching a month, on average, achieve 107% of quota, compared with 82% who don’t. 2.According to the Corporate Executive Board, a leading research and advisory services company, effective sales coaching can potentially increase top-line revenue by up to 20%.

One of the biggest impacts we look for from sales coaching is in the area of discretionary energy. Discretionary energy is the energy a sales person uses when going above and beyond the call of duty to complete a task or get the job done.
Discretionary energy is particularly important with sales people because sales people typically have more of it than other types of employees. Sales ConsultingGet the change and action you need for more sales E-LearningOnline sales and business training. I help companies and individuals sell more – especially in big ticket, business to business (B2B) sales.
My specialism and background is in the fields of IT services, IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing and e-commerce. I do this with sales consulting, sales training and sales coaching to get to the root of problems and find pragmatic solutions. Salestrong help sales leaders and sales managers to improve their coaching performance as part of every sales transformation programme that we run. But experience tells us that when someone says that they do not have time to do something, what they are actually saying is that they see no value in it.

Every sales person has discretionary energy and the question is are they using that for or against you? Sales people have a lot of autonomy and this is where the use of discretionary energy is key.
Barrett is dedicated to the importance of sales coaching and what you need to do to be an effective sales coach. After we have agreed with them on what sales coaching actually is, we then set about helping them to see the value that sales coaching can bring to their sales teams.
Typically sales managers need something that can be used in both planned and unplanned sales coaching opportunities. One the methodology has been introduced there should be a focus on associated sales coaching skills such as active listening, asking great questions, building trust and rapport, giving feedback and holding people accountable.

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