Not that we are comparing ourselves here at Sales Management Mastery to any of those brilliant entrepreneurs…no way. Also, if you want to figure out which of your sales reps have which profile, get it in the Sales Management Mastery Academy. CLICK HERE to get immediate FREE access to your choice of sales management training at The Sales Management Mastery Academy. Sales and Management Training and Coaching Specialists in Sydney and Melbourne AustraliaCall Us Now!
The KONA Group is Australia’s leading Corporate Sales and Management Training and Coaching organisation.
For over 15 years they have been improving the performances of organisations’ Managers, Leaders and Sales People. The KONA Group’s unique ACTC process uses the full resources of Assessment Tools, Strategic Consulting, Training Workshops, and Coaching Programs, to increase your sales, profits and people’s performance. KONA Group is renowned as a team of Business Improvement Specialists, all who have run businesses, managed teams and built Pipelines. Bank Manager, Commonwealth Bank - Throughout my career with Commonwealth Bank I met several business coaches, but KONA is the only name that I don't need to challenge my memory to remember. KONA Managing Director - Glenn Dobson - is a master at focusing the attention of any sales team, business owner or sales manager on the importance of having a strong sales pipeline to the future prosperity of any business. Next Business Solutions used the team at KONA to take us through their Hearts and Minds training. Chief Information Officer at Rexel Group Australia (RGA) - Having utilised KONA's services for a number of years I can confidently endorse them as a company with talented, outcome driven staff and a can do attitude. CEO at Big Wave Digital - KONA consultants are of the highest quality, I have engaged the KONA Group on numerous occasions and the results always speak for themselves.
Global Sales & Marketing at pureprofile - The team at KONA have been key pillar in elevating pureprofile to a global company. Business Owner at Vision Personal Training - Glenn from the KONA Group spoke to 40+ Vision clients & personal trainers earlier this year.
The firm, which helps financial advisers give advice profitably, needed to articulate the strategy clearly so that the management team could sell it to the sales team, and the sales team could sell it to financial advisers. If you're looking for Sales Training in Australia or Sales Training in Sydney, Call Centre Training, Customer Service Training or Sales Management Training and Coaching please contact KONA Group today!

Sales Training, Sales Management Training, Executive Coaching, Management Development Programme, Call Centre Training, Leadership Development Programme, Instructional Design, MBTI, DISC, OEP, Interim Managers, Sales Pipeline Training, Negotiation Skills Training, Conference Speakers and Motivational Speakers.
Sales1Boston LLC, headquartered south of Boston, is a strategic business development consulting firm at the vanguard of sales performance. At Sales1Boston, we employ the following principles to help our clients strike short and long term goals: strategy, execution and reinforcement. Sales1Boston's sales training and strategic business development services are available throughout Southern Massachusetts, the Greater Boston area and the South Shore.
We deliver a comprehensive family of solutions, each grounded in a time-tested methodology easily adapted to your business.
Our flexible, customer-focused Resolution Selling™ training programs are relevant to the challenges to each level of your sales teams and what they face every day– from qualifying a prospect to closing a sale. We take a holistic, client-focused approach to our work and establish a dedicated team of experts to support you.
Contact us to learn more about how Resolution Systems can help you and your sales team achieve breakthrough results.
During each of these annual conferences, Dave Kurlan, the subject matter expert and genius behind OMG, provides great insights on how to more effectively find, contact and assist business owners in finding out why their companies get the results that they get. I believe that these 4 questions are questions that every senior sales executive ought to be asking their sales manager, and every sales manager ought to be asking their sales team, both as a collective group and as individuals. Act now to receive your copy of Tony Cole's ground-breaking new audiobook, "Qualifying Prospects with Confidence." You'll get immediate access to 14 audio tracks and a detailed worksheet.
Hiring bankers who can sell requires an effective recruiting and on-boarding system that you must implement on a consistent basis.
When you do things the way everyone always has done them, you end up with what everyone else gets. Get your own free sales manager training course – you can actually choose which one you want.
KONACan also includes a group of highly inspiring motivational speakers and conference presenters.
Our portfolio of clients includes successful sales professionals, countless entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, as well as unions with leading affinity organizations. We also service committed small businesses up through Worcester County, Providence (RI), Hartford (CT) and Manchester (NH).

Case studies, role-playing and problem-solving techniques are used to ground each training course in the specific demands of the job. They help you hire the right people, develop the right capabilities, establish effective processes and solve your most pressing problems. Each year the company delivers online learning for professional and executive development to more than 10,000 students in 190+ countries. Read Tony Colea€™s article, a€?5 Steps for Hiring Bankers Who Can Sella€? on the BAI- Banking Strategies website! Why, because it has been shown that coaching can improve the performance of all levels of people. Our group creates genuine, small business partnerships with our clients to positively impact their bottom-line.
Sales1Boston's Chief Sales Strategist facilitates a high level of leadership to his clients and its core undertaking; to capture opportunities, create a culture of accountability and grow the business. Our leadership brings real-world experience and the know-how to get the job done and exceed expectations. We provide sales assessments, sales training, sales management consulting, sales coaching and benchmarking to reinforce effective techniques that results in a higher performing sales team. Working with Resolution Systems, the company’s sales team has achieved consistent improvements in performance – including an 86% year-over-year growth in revenues. Helping your sales organization identify necessary actions at every level is critical to reaching goals and achieving sales growth. So, why don't businesses ensure that all their managers are trained in coaching, and coach their team to improved performance. If you are willing to confront change and embrace growth, our team will implement their expertise to achieve tremendous results for your company. We can help you realize both immediate results and changes than can be sustained over the long haul. We know how central your small business success is to you; the only acceptable outcome is winning.

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