Sales Coach now is a global sales training and sales coaching service that produces quantum leap results by empowering entrepreneurs and sales professionals with effective, on-purpose selling skills. Selling comes naturally to some people, and they always seem to know who to talk to and what to say. With extensive sales experience, Ursula Mentjes, Sales Coach Now coach and trainer, discovered the most effective selling strategies that work best in different situations. Would you like to get past the fear of selling that keeps you from following through with prospects and closing sales?
Engaging in our sales training programs may be the most valuable investment you can make for yourself and your business. We will happily train just one person or any group of people at your premises, anywhere in the UK and charge as little as ?395.00 per delegate, with no minimum number! We will help you empathise with prospects as well as helping you use psychological factors to make your customers feel like you are working with them, rather than selling to them. With a wide range of sales training available and our ability to travel anywhere in the UK – Can you afford NOT to train your staff?
Miller Heiman has been helping Australian and International organisations improve their sales performance for over 30 years.
Our sales training is delivered by World Class Sales Consultants who bring real world experience from their relevant industry backgrounds. Top performers are valuable not only for the revenue they generate, but also as an asset to proactive sales leaders who tap into their expertise and insights. The majority of sales managers often feel they have the most challenging and frustrating job in the entire sales ecosystem. Here is a list of the public training courses that we run in the fields of Sales and Marketing.
When you can educate your prospects about the benefits that they will receive from your products or services, selling gets very exciting!
However, most sales professionals and entrepreneurs are not like that and would benefit from sales coaching and sales training. She shares her vast knowledge by teaching entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to achieve the focus and motivation essential to achieving success in sales.

Would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to identify the prospects you should contact (and those you should ignore because they will not be open to your offer)? We offer various sales coaching and sales training programs that accommodate your specific needs and fit your resources and circumstances.
By breaking down barriers and dealing with objections, you will become more confident and help promote a winning attitude. We don’t believe in individual role plays or live calls and we won’t be recording or videoing anything. We do this by providing companies with sales training courses that utilises our simple, yet powerful sales processes and tools.
We encourage participants to bring their own sales opportunities to the sales course in order to develop plans that can be implemented immediately. They are judged on the performance of their sales teams, which makes their personal success highly dependent on their leadership and coaching skills.
Most courses are available for attendance throughout the year on dates specified within individual programme pages. However, if your sales presentation is ineffective, your results will not reflect your hard work. The effective sales training program offered by Sales Coach Now is exactly what you need to grow your business to the next level and beyond. Her workshops and seminars are invaluable in teaching the essentials of selling: confidence, clarity, intention, connection, mastering money conversation and getting results! The coaching and sales training courses offered by Sales Coach Now will get you the results you've only been dreaming about! You may choose one-on-one coaching or group coaching, and you may even want to take advantage of our efficient appointment setting service. We want you to enjoy our sales training courses and find that we see better results in a relaxed atmosphere with informal groups. So if you want to see big gains for small prices get in touch with Training Sales People today and see how we can help. We believe that successful selling is based on fundamental and repeatable sales processes learnt through our sales training.

Whether you are looking for a sales transformation, a sales training event, sales courses, or the latest research on sales best practice then Miller Heiman is the first place to look.
Customers are rightly at the centre of your world but in sales we are always thinking, ‘How can I create more leads?” of those leads “How can I make sure I have the best chance of closing the business?” and with the customers I have “How can I manage them better?” The challenges don’t stop there so please fill in our enquiry form to the right or use the Sales System™ above to navigate to our sales course solutions for more information. Any of these Sales and Marketing training courses can be tailored for presentation as an In-Company course for six or more delegates, deliverable on your premises or at a training venue of your choice. You may have a wonderful product, a great business opportunity, or a fantastic service to offer, but if you fail to communicate the message effectively, your sales and your business will not grow.
Why settle for mediocre results when you can enjoy a highly successful business simply by engaging in an excellent sales training program? No matter what level of training or service you require, the value you will receive is sure to be far greater than the investment you make. If you have answered yes to just one of these questions you would benefit from our sales training courses.
These processes are designed to help your sales team create, manage and close more sales opportunities. Our expert sales consultants conduct sales training workshops in Sydney and Melbourne as well as other various locations around the world giving you the tools you need to succeed. We have the solutions and sales strategies you need to achieve sales success and help you take a quantum leap! At Training Sales People our specialist trainers know what it takes to succeed and we can teach you these skills. They also provide a common language and common sense approach to sales consultant management, providing your leadership team with the ability to coach successful selling solutions through effective sales training.

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