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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Thanks to my years of experience leading sales training programs, I have used my knowledge to coach thousands of individuals and groups as a professional motivational speaker.
Regardless of your experience in any of these four areas, there's always room for improvement.
I've served as a motivational speaker for more than 500,000 people over the years, and each person who has attended my motivational sales training seminars has benefited from my skills and expertise. Improve your writing skills, articulate ideas and focus on your client's goals to ensure you close the sale with our proposal writing training course.
Rather than being a tool to sell your services, the sales proposal should demonstrate your ability to understand and meet your client's needs. If you are interested in improving the effectiveness of your sales proposals, don't miss your chance to attend this exciting proposal writing training course.
In just sixty fast-paced minutes, you'll discover ways to improve your writing skills, better articulate your ideas and focus on your client's goals and objectives. Top sales professionals' secrets on what to include in a successful sales proposalWho Will BenefitSales professionals at every level who want to boost the power and effectiveness of their sales proposals. Most of the people involved in selling today are wasting their time, energy, ideas and efforts by doing either the wrong things or not enough of the right things. It is true of almost every individual, sales team or business that eighty per cent of sales results come from just twenty per cent of salespeople, customer and sales opportunities. The hard truth is that most sales people, or those working on sales opportunities, turn customer’s off buying, talk past the sale or are only achieving a fraction of their true potential.
Now, I am not saying that you can sell and close 100% of deals, 100% of the time, but I can guarantee that during the course of this one-day seminar, that you will be able to identify practical ways to increase your sales by 30% in the next 90 days.
This seminar is not for the faint-hearted or those who are content with their current level of sales results.
The seminar is only available as in-company event and will be personalized to fit your style of selling, company, products, service and market dynamics. All participants of The Sales Success will receive a unique 90 day sales gain coaching newsletter, follow-up online webinars and invited to join the Sales Success Club online network. Whatever your business, whatever you sell, whether face to face or over the phone this course will increase your results. Imagine being able to conduct meetings, negotiations and presentations more persuasively than ever before.
Consider how useful it would be to easily and precisely influence others to create better outcomes for them and you. Know what it is like to gain mastery of advanced communication skills that will allow you to hold enthusiastic attention naturally and respectfully. And rather than trying to ‘win’ through argument and logic, instead you change opinions and ideas through in-direct suggestion and involvement.
Spread over the day are a collection of carefully selected learning exercises and Sales Success application tools. Sales success application 4: A brilliant and unique five-step questioning strategy that gets to the heart of the sales process quickly and effectively and develop needs and opportunities in minutes not hours. Sales success application 11: Using the WIT principle to set clear sales goals and outcomes, plus more effective prospecting. In addition to the focused planning, practical and discussion exercises, the course will also feature the “Sales Success” model, developed and used by Graham Roberts-Phelps.
Many of the ideas, models and techniques are exclusive and unique to the Sales Success program. It will allow attendees to experiment, polish and refine their skills as well as learn new advanced techniques.  In addition, they will gain new insights into themselves, their customers and their selling skills, attitudes and processes. Graham Roberts-Phelps is the designer, instigator and presenter of the Sales Success Seminar and is considered to be a talented, innovative, hard-working and proficient sales training consultant, coach and presenter. Since 1993 Graham has been specialising in designing, developing and delivering effective learning and business and sales training courses and solutions. As well as being experienced and expert sales, customer service and business skills trainer, consultant and coaching specialist, he is also a published author and sought after keynote speaker. With a career including roles as a successful Account Manager and Sales Director for companies such as Pearson Group, Thomson Reuters, Hoskyns, ISC Systems, IBM and others, Graham’s experience is substantial.
He is Director and founder of 8020 Pareto Training and Consulting and creator of the Sales Success, PROFIT Account Management, Sales Results Coaching, Ezywebsites and Brilliant Customer Service training programs.
Most of our training is in-house or in-company and prices start from just ?99.00 per person. Therefore many Students want to get admission in Computer Short Courses Offered, but here we talk about Lahore only. At least Intermediate or equivalent qualification and candidate should have taken at least one programming course for Serial No.

Regardless of the size of your sales team, we can structure the perfect sales training program to boost their sales effectiveness. Every sales organization is different, and we always tailor our programs to fit your industry, customer base, selling style and environment. Many of our clients have made our Basic Selling Skills 101 seminars and workshops an integral part of their training program for new salespeople.
Your sales reps who handle major accounts need training focused on penetrating, developing and managing large accounts. Relationship Selling is the recurring theme that runs through all our sales training seminars and workshops.
Every sales representative can increase sales by mastering consultative selling techniques.
The personalized reports and group interaction based on the assessments add tremendous depth to the seminar. For more information about our seminars and workshops with DISC assessments, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website. We customize every seminar and workshop to fit your business, and whether your reps are inside or outside salespeople, commissioned or salaried employees, B2B or consumer clients, wholesale or retail, we will match the training to your selling environment.
Telephone selling requires specialized training, and we can provide workshops and seminars for call-center telephone sales reps, as well as training modules to make any salesperson more effective when selling over the phone.
Every salesperson needs to maximize selling time, and often time & territory management skills can be the real key to increasing sales effectiveness.
If you want to improve your bottom line, make an investment in the people who are responsible for bringing in revenue: your sales organization. Debangshu choudhury with a view to enhance multifarious creative practice in the digital era.
I've spent more than three decades perfecting my approach as a public speaker and salesperson myself. From motivational sales training advice to executive business and leadership coaching seminars, you will see positive results. Whether it's cold calling or closing a sale, my sales management and motivational training courses provide the fail-safe topics and techniques you need to succeed. From business coaching to sales management training, I've helped individuals and groups working in all sorts of industries reinvent themselves and their approach to sales, and I can help you do the same as well! As a sales professional, you've got to make sure the tools in your arsenal work overtime … and that includes your sales proposal. Our program creates a sales proposal "crash course" that covers need-to-know secrets, strategies, tools and tips for creating winning proposals!
We'll also cover graphic design elements, formatting, editing and proofing tips, organization and much more! Self-employed professional or small business owner then this seminar can boost your results faster and easier than you can possibly imagine. It is not simply a re-hash and repeat of old tired sales techniques, models and war-stories.  And, it is not just about taking away a few little ideas . Anyone involved in sales, sales management, account development or new business acquisition, front live or back office. It is designed to be the most complete and comprehensive advanced sales development workshop you will attend.
Plus, establishing your business capability and personal credibility in the mind of your prospect early.
Over the past twenty years he has personally trained, coached or presented to over 25,000 people in dozens of different countries across five continents.
Punjab University College of Information Technology, University of Engineering and Technology, Edge Systems Lahore are some big names who giving services of Computer Short Courses Offered In Lahore, Pakistan. All mobile news, Recipes or any other stuff on the site have been collected from various sources from Public Domains.
If you have a large group and would like to train everyone in a single session, we can conduct a training seminar. Contact us if you're interested, and Roger Reece will schedule a telephone conference to discuss your sales training needs and the various options we can offer you in terms of content and format. Clearly, you are the best resource for product knowledge training, but we can augment your new-sales-rep training program with a course in basic selling skills. We can structure a new-sales-reps training seminar or workshop for skilled salespeople, giving them intermediate to advanced selling skills training, tailored to your industry and sales process. We can offer this training as a separate workshop, or as an add-on module that can be included in an intermediate or advanced selling skills seminar or workshop.
They ask tough questions and often resist the sales techniques that work effectively on other prospects. In order to be an effective communicator, you have to adjust your communication style to the personality of the prospect or customer. We teach your reps how to build credibility, focus on customer needs, ask the right questions, discover problems and recommend solutions.
DISC is a simple model for understanding communication styles and adapting your style to more effectively communicate with others.

Please visit our Time Management Workshops website for more information about our time management training programs. Help them to manage their teams more effectively with a sales management & coaching skills workshop or seminar.
I share the secrets to sales success a€“ from foolproof cold calling scripts and strategies to the most effective ways of closing the sale a€“ in my motivational sales training seminars, sales management training programs and executive business coaching courses.
For example, my cold calling approach involves many unique strategies, including simple sales training techniques that generate a 75 percent response rate!
As a respected public speaker who shares the secrets of effective sales training programs, I can help you and your sales team today. A good proposal addresses needs, offers solutions and convinces prospects your product or service fits their objectives. It is uniquely suitable for both experienced sales professionals and those approaching the subject for the first time. No matter how simple or complex your products or services and regardless of your current level of sales expertise, experience or results, this sales development event will move you into the fast lane of success.
According to details Short Courses liked  by Students and Specific those students who wants capture grip upon both Academic and Professional fields in no time.
After the call, we will email you a detailed proposal including an outline for the training seminar or workshop we recommend.
Whenever you have six or more new recruits on board, schedule a Basic Selling Skills 101 workshop, and Roger Reece will travel to your location to conduct the training. But our basic, intermediate and advanced sales training isn't limited to your new recruits.
Give your major-account reps more training in formulating and executing strategies for establishing effective partnerships with major customers.
If your salespeople can learn to connect with these buyers, it can increase their sales exponentially. We can structure an entire seminar or workshop around Relationship Selling, or make it a module within a more generalized selling skills program. We teach your sales reps how to recognize each personality style, and how to effectively connect and make the sale. Our sales assessment is designed to help salespeople effectively adapt their selling styles to fit each selling situation. Raise the bar on productivity for your sales reps, and give them the skills they need to increase selling time and to reduce the time-wasters that consume valuable time. Many sales managers have risen to their position through the sales ranks, without the benefit of management training. Build the spirit of teamwork within your sales team and add some fun to your sales meeting.
This will assess their current style and serve as a starting point for further personal development. If you would prefer a smaller group setting with role-play and more group discussion & interaction, we can conduct one or more training workshops for your team. Your entire sales team will benefit from these workshops, so why not schedule ongoing workshops to advance every member of your team from the basics to advanced selling skills training over a period of time? Either way, we will make sure your sales team gets the message and learns the skills to make relationships a primary focus in their sales efforts.
When the sales rep takes on the role of consultant, the relationship with the customer changes, and sales increase.
We can structure a half-day or full-day team building workshop as a module within your annual sales meeting, or as a standalone event. In other cases, they are checkpoints in the buying cycle, and must give their approval before a decision can be made. The members of your sales team need to effectively interact with the rest of your organization, and we can help them with interpersonal skills training.
Include a Consultative Selling module with your intermediate or advanced selling skills workshop or seminar, or make it a separate training class. A training program for your sales managers could be the catalyst your sales organization needs to improve sales effectiveness, reduce sales turnover and increase revenue. Our team-building activities are fun and entertaining, and can be integrated with training designed to improve morale and increase team effectiveness. Many organizations experience ongoing tension and strife between the sales department and other departments, such as accounting, manufacturing, engineering, customer service and marketing.
Consultative Selling is a perfect training module to include as part of your next quarterly or annual sales meeting.
We can teach your sales team how to effectively communicate with, build relationships with and effectively sell to technical buyers at every level.
We can tailor a seminar or workshop for your sales group as well as for the other groups within your organization to bring about greater teamwork and cooperation between departments.

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