Sales Training Courses - Helping You Deliver Your Sales Results The complete range of sales training - catering for core skills through to advanced sales professionals.
As your customers expect more and the difference between your own and your competitors' products and services becomes less, your ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships is key to winning and retaining business.
Our internationally renowned sales programmes range from core through to advanced level and are designed to deliver immediate and lasting results. Our sales know-how is underpinned by regular research into buyers' views of salespeople.
Training, and the implementation of training processes and programs, have become quite challenging. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Experience a surge in your company Sales figures by getting trained under our expert facilitators who not only transfer their knowledge into actual application at the workplace, but alsoA develop your competence at tactful negotiations. With the customer being spoilt for choice today, it is essential that the process moves from typical selling to advising and partnering. Sales Training must be more than education.A It must include application with measurement, feedback, fine-tuning, and reinforcement. Our training engagement begins with our team investing time, doing the ground work and understanding the world of the Sales person. Our selling skills programs will help create extremely competent Sales Advisors and highly skilled Sales Coaches as managers. Every successful professional is good at selling himself or herself.A  But, no one is born a sales person.

It is extremely essential for an accomplished sales professional to raise the standard of the deals he manages to close.
This Sales Negotiation Seminar improves skills for negotiating, cross-selling, and upselling to improve sales and build client relationships. The Astute team have many years of experience in developing sales courses, working to develop sales teams, from new recruits through to experienced and proven professionals. Sales people need the right mix of skills and processes to enable them to do their job effectively. All our sales programmes are available as ready-to-roll, open courses and, worldwide, as made-to-measure, in-company courses, customised to your specific business and development needs.
Our sales processes and models have been developed and refined with over 65 years of field testing. One of the greatest challenges the training profession has to deal with is this whole idea of “How Do You Measure Training Efficacy”?
First, thank you so much for reviewing my blog and you always provide great commentary on my entries….so thank you again!! Although there are several factors which could help a business succeed, none will make as big a difference as generating sales. It is the customera€™s first point of contact with the company, in effect, impacting the first impression of the company. That means that the Sales executive has to not only be adept at the product knowledge but also excellent with the softer aspects of the Sales process. With our expert panel of trainers who have themselves been in the business of Selling, we bring forth highly innovative and extremely effective concepts on Sales & Negotiation.

Our Sales Experts will design a program which is specific to the requirement of your organisation and is then delievered in an extremely intensive learning environment.
They help build an expert and a very driven team of salespeople who will create value for the customer, boost sales and lead their team and organisation to Sales Success! By delivering this programme over an agreed time period as modules it builds strong foundations and supports individuals during the development stages of their role.
These courses address all sales areas and help you, whatever your experience, achieve the best results you can. The content of many of our sales development programmes is also endorsed by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (UK).
One of the companies I used to work for was an exception when it came to it’s interest around training, which is probably why I cherish the discipline so. The process of Sales & Negotiation determines whether the customer will do the transaction and start a relationship with the organisation. Through various Reminder Mechanisms and On-the-Job Performance Monitoring processes, we ensure that people imbibe the concepts discussed and start performing by showing improved sales results.
Today companies look at the sales training department as a scapegoat when sales reps do poorly, it takes all the blame and rarely praised when sales are doing well.

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