Let’s hope that if I ever feel the need to blog about crabs is will be of the marine kind, not the cooties kind. But before I blog about a seal, (a gray harbor seal to be exact like the guy above and not a singer like the guy below,) I must first digress just a bit. I wouldn’t be much of an MS blogger if I didn’t enjoy MS blogs.  In the links section of my website I list some of the ones I regularly follow.  I highly recommend you check them out as long as you promise not to like any of them more than you like mine! On a couple of occasions I have had the chance to meet Rick Conti, a fellow blogger who blogs about MS, his faith and Haiti.  Rick really loves to write about Haiti. It was his blog of last week however, that lead me to flop on my bed and hide my head under the pillows in deep shame.  His blog and the fact that I was really, really tired. I know that supposedly it will help me have more energy, (maybe if I exercised more often I could confirm that.)  When I started my own blog I talked a lot about my own ‘get fit’ plan that involved veggies, more water and exercise.

I headed to the beach, parked and used the stairway to walk down the sandy cliff.  That was a ton of exercise right there and I wasn’t even on the beach yet! As I got down to the shore a seal popped up in front of me, very close-maybe only in water waist deep. The surf was rocky and there are sharks in them waters so I wasn’t going in to splash around with the little guy. He was doing most of his swimming beneath the surface but at least 5 different times he popped his head up, looked directly at me and then dived again.  Was it my imagination or was he following me? As I was trying to decide what to do, my friend popped up again, looked right at me again and turned around himself. As I walked I realized we had gotten pretty far from any other beach goers.  It was then that I saw a guy heading in the opposite direction, walking towards the isolated part of the beach.

I got to the end of my walk, the area where there were lots of people and the stairs back to the parking lot.  Right before I turned to walk off the beach.
Was my seal friend trying to warn me to not be alone in that area with this strange guy or have I just watched too many crime shows? He looked at me, seemed to nod his approval and then started swimming off into deeper water, as if saying he would be on his way now.

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