This award-winning contemporary design centers on an open, light-filled atrium space, to help foster a strong sense of community for the school.  Accommodating approximately 850 students, this 136,000 sf building is both compact and generous in its plan and proportions. Connections to the school’s surroundings were made by creating covered exterior pathways and by using masonry and other materials found elsewhere on campus.  Extensive use of daylighting strategies to bring in and control natural light and the use of rain-screen wall technologies are examples of sustainable design strategies used in this building. Click here to open the gallery.Powered by Cincopa wp content plugins solution for your website and Cincopa MediaSend for file transfer.

This project was executed while Scott Allen was a Principal at Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects (OSKA). Red Mass is an annual tradition that proudly honors the contributions of our alumni, the bench, bar, legislators, law students and other members of the legal and legislative communities.
District Court, Western District of Washington, and honoring the memory of Norm Maleng, King County Prosecutor from 1978a€“2007.

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