If you’re looking for an entertaining movie with a simple, yet captivating plot, look no further.
Unfortunately the love letters make their way into the hands of the teens’ parents and confusion ensues. Anyway, I was sitting in Phoebe’s office (The psychologist!  Not the cat!  I can’t have a cat, because Joe is allergic. Phoebe sat back in her chair and crossed her legs.  “I don’t know”, she said slowly, thoughtfully.
While the rest of us were bustling around the kitchen finding gloves and jackets and hats, Jack had logged into ITunes, downloaded everyone’s favorite song, and saved them to a disc. Each child cheered and shouted when they heard the music, and all the while Jack sat between Joey and Charlie in the third row of the van, silently rocking and smiling.
I think this song perfectly captures my own relationship with autism, of finding balance between holding back and pushing him forward, of altering the course or letting him steer. It reminds me of kneeling next to three-year-old Jack as he sat, unmoving, unblinking, in his stroller at the Buffalo Zoo, pointing and talking look see the elephant so big Jack so big, wondering when this boy was going to open his mind to the world, so we could know him and he could know us. To all of you who have reached out to this boy of mine, who have dug old license plates out of their storage areas and expressed a shared disdain for purple plaid skirts and danced for just one moment to the beat of Jack’s unusual music, I am forever your secret admirer.

Last Monday it was raining out, so I decided to drive down to the bus stop and pick up the kids. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Although you can pretty much figure out the ending of this movie as soon as it begins, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. In the end, everyone learns valuable life lessons, Aunt Becky beats up a van with a baseball bat, and there’s a pretty dramatic end scene involving a boat and a lot of swimming (yet somehow not as dramatic as the scene where Deborah spills food on her new skirt). In this letter, she told him how she remembered him as a small baby, how her mother is still alive, how she doesn’t like purple plaid skirts either.  And he was thrilled. With license plates and music and letters, Jack is connecting with the world on his terms.  And the world is responding. I’ve always wanted to be able to draw the pictures I see in my mind with perfect clarity on a white canvas or blank sheet of paper.

I sat in my car and surfed the Internet, and I came across a link called, “100 Wise Words for Everyone,” written by an economics teacher for his high school seniors. It hangs on a 29 inch long chain that can be adjusted and shortened as needed with the lobster clasp!
His best friend Toni, played by Lori Loughlin of Full House fame, helps him woo Deborah with her sappy teen girl love letters. In true 80s-movie-suspension-of-disbelief fashion, we’re supposed to make ourselves believe that Toni is completely lame and unattractive, while Deborah is a total babe. The only thing that would make this movie better is if the male lead was played by Uncle Jessie.

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