When Heloise receives a gift and a love letter, she believes that it’s from Jimmy but is disappointed to find out it’s from Peep. Air Guitars in Miseryville are shown to be real guitars that you can't see because they are actually made of air (can be broken though). The motor of the boat comes back even though Heloise strapped Peep to it and launched him away. What if your group can help the lovesick out and raise money for their favorite charity at the same time?

The club also provides the admirer a small card (no extra charge) to write a note to his or her Valentine, but they do not have to put their real names on it if they don't want to.
But, you will want to encourage the admirer's to write a note and put some type of signature since that's how the fundraiser will make more money.
The admirer can sign their name as anything they like, like "Supershy lover" or something totally random.
This is the perfect fundraiser for people in high school, since high school is where all the love drama happens.

Imagine if 20 people use your services, that's $40 if they pick one of the options; $60 if the valentine picks both options.

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