Victorias Secret, a US company established in the early seventies, has grown to be synonymous with romantic, stylish and feminine lingerie, and has seen an astonishing growth rate since its humble beginnings, The company gained notoriety in the 1990s after it began to use supermodels in its advertising and fashion shows.
The father of Lindsay Lohan finally reads a DNA test result, which proves that 17-year-old Ashley is indeed his lost daughter. Michael Lohan finally admits that Ashley Horn is indeed his daughter after seven years of denial.
The father of five told Radar Online, "While I am sorry this took so long, we finally have the answer, we are all okay with it and we will deal with it in the best way!" He then added, "Kristi and Ashley have been really good about it! Michael had a fling with Kristi in 1995, when he was estranged from Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's mother and Michael's wife until 2005.

Following the positive result of the test, Michael has been listed as Ashley's father on her birth certificate since December 2008. Aside from Ashley, the Irish-Italian descendant is also a father to 26-year-old actress Lindsay, 25-year-old Michael Jr., 19-year-old Ali, and 16-year-old Dakota.
While the DNA test result was unveiled to public, Ashley's mother, Kristi Horn, burst into tears. Kristi finally told him about Ashley in 2005 after the girl's DNA test result didn't match her former husband's. The 52-year-old Wall Street trader didn't appear on a Montana court hearing concerning the paternity issue and refused to pay any child support for Lindsay's secret sister.

In a couple of months, he will be a father of six since his girlfriend Kate Major is currently pregnant with their child.

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