We've seen Billie Piper filming various scenes for series three of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and the wait is nearly over as it airs on ITV2 on 28th January! New on SideReel: Find out when this summer's new shows are premiering and which ones you should watch. The Season 3 opener was a documentary-style debrief between Billie Piper, actress in the series, and Dr. Brooke Magnanti, the recently-outed author behind the salacious blogs, books and ITV British series Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
New faces on the scene include David Dawson as Byron (pictured below with the gang) who is an aristocratic client who falls for Bambi, Joanna Bobin as Belle's sister Jackie, and James D’Arcy as Duncan, the editor of Belle's book.

I send out little bits of myself, clues as to who I am as a person, but overall it's still illegible.
American-born Magnanti is a leading researcher and professor at Bristol University and a published, award winner author.
This must be why, after writing a post, I always delete at least half of what I've written. Showtime and ITV did the best they could to wrangle the media storm into this 25-minute interview and the blunt and unrefined tape was interesting and refreshing. It opened with Piper in a taxi, first with a dubbed voiceover and then the show's trademark aside where she directed her comments directly to the audience.

I've been wanting for quite some time to figure out how to print images onto fabric for use in quilts.

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