Online travel company Secret Escapes has appointed Karmarama as its new advertising agency following a competitive pitch.
Even the most skeptical misery guts would struggle to keep a down-turned mouth when they discover the menu concealed in a vintage book (ours was Wuthering Heights) and sugar cubes inside a musical jewellery box (complete with twirling sugar plum fairy).
Presented in pretty vintage glass bottles with stoppers, the loose teas on the table smelled good enough to eat (seriously, hold back…).
Sticking with the non-traditional theme here, you get two small scones with your afternoon tea and one of them is savoury. Finally, head over to the self-serve jelly buffet (yes, really), where you can pile your sundae glass high.
You can imagine that the staff might be run ragged during the weekend service, so for a calmer experience, visit during the week if you can.
Walk on by the minimalist bar to find a zen space with a small Japanese garden in the centre and soothing water fountain. The crockery was custom designed by concept store Luna and Curious and you know you’re on to a winner when your plate has a zebra on it.

Saving the still-warm sweet scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam for after, you might want to go for the savoury version first. Despite aspects of the Mad Hatter’s tea not being perfect, it was fun, fanciful and one of my favourite afternoon tea experiences to date.
Rhubarb and custard tasted just like the classic boiled sweet, but wasn’t sickly in the slightest. Salty with black olives and smothered with herb butter, this will be a welcome surprise for afternoon tea veterans who find that they’re usually on the slippery slope to queasy town as soon as the sandwiches are over. The jellies included banana, peach and green apple and whilst they tasted authentically flavoured, they were a little grainy and firm in texture – not smooth and wobbly like a good jelly should be. Our tea was served promptly, we were checked upon a few times and the offer of extra sandwiches was perfectly timed, coming just as we were finishing the savoury course.
Men der er jo ingen grund til at vente helt til n?ste ar med at fa noget sol og fede oplevelser i godt vejr, for der er masser af gode tilbud at hente pa nettet, hvor for eksempel Secret Escapes hurtigt kan sende dig til varmere himmelstrog uden at tomme dine lommer.
Sleek marble tables are set to the side – completely sheltered by large umbrellas and warmed by outdoor heaters.

Mint choc chip was like a fresh mint tea, with a subtle note of chocolate coming through at the end. You’ll find four (per person) pastel-hued sandwiches rolled up tight like hedgehogs in a game of croquet.
A special mention goes to the hip Luna and Curious teapots, which featured playing card faces of a king and queen, and were topped with a paper crown. Levan i Cornwall, Marseilles, Maldiverne og Stockholm, hvis du kan nojes med en sviptur til vores naboer, og det er alle destinationer, du kan score en tur til med op til 70% rabat. Pa linket herunder hopper du videre til Secret Escapes, hvor du kan tilmelde dig for at modtage nyheder om de bedste tilbud. Luckily, the underwhelming egg mayo situation was rescued by a delicious roasted vegetable mini quiche.

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