Our standard rooms have one double bed good for 2 persons but can accommodate up to 3 persons with an additional 1 single roll away bed. Our deluxe rooms have one double bed good for 2 persons but can accommodate up to 4 persons with an additional 1 single bed and 1 single roll away bed.
Up at half three - which most people will know does not fit in with my idea of "holiday" behaviour, to board our lorry Mamasita. They have a garden where guests may stay at and hang out at when they don't want to go to the beach and swim just yet.
Room amenities include: air-conditioning, cable TV, fridge, electric kettle, ensuite with private bathroom.

As you can tell from the pic, we attract quite a bit of attention from the locals as we pass through tiny villages on un-tarmaced roads. Due to it's magnificent harbor, and the fact that the Spaniards were looting all the gold and gemstones form the countries to the south, Cartaqena became the storage location for all the loot, until the Spanish Galleons could haul the riches back to the Spanish Royal Family. Since I had seen pretty much everything I wanted to see in the town and also the fact that it was super hot, I opted to have a lazy day in my room where there was air conditioning and a fan. So far I've been quite lazy about picking up Spanish, but I think Mamasita will give the perfect opportunity to try and chat to a local or two.
I was prepared and had bought yogurt and strawberries at the store the other day so I enjoyed these.

We drove for another couple of hours and arrived at the place we had to take the barge down the river.
Each room has air-conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, WiFi access, towels and toiletries, a private bathroom and a view of the garden.

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