Lately, It was with a great nostalgic pleasure that I watched Brisby and the Secret of Nimh by Don Bluth again, with my daughter. Miss Brisby goes to Mr Ages’s, the medic mouse, who tells her that Timothy has caught a pneumonia and must imperatively stay in bed. Once she is back home, she finds her children again, as well as the severe (but nice) Aunt Shrew, who reminds her that the crop (and the move) will happen very soon. The rat’s house, in the rose bush, is quite surprising, for they steal electricity to the farmers.
And the famous Nicodemus, that gives her the magical necklace of her late husband, Jonathan, and explains to her how the rats (as well as Jonathan and Mr Ages) had their mental abilities developed, after experiments in the Nimh laboratories.
The rats want to leave the rose bush, in order not to depend upon the farmers to live any longer.
Brisby volunteers to help the rats to send the cat Dragon to sleep, for them to be able to move peacefully.

Finally, the magical necklace does its work, and the brisby’s house is being moved by the Force of the Spirit. Vous pouvez trouver nos produits sur notre boutique en ligne, et egalement a la boutique Mystiktak, 7 rue du Consulat a Aurillac.
Read the item description and any applicable Site Policies (e.g Payment, Shipping, Terms of Use etc).
Please view Payment and Shipping Policy (under "Policies" in the "About Us" menu) for information regarding available payment methods and delivery of your purchases. Whereas the crop is about to begin, which compells all the animals of the field to move away. Nous vous proposons des tee-shirts coordonnes pour parents et enfants ainsi que des objets de decorations. She manages to escape and hears a telephone conversation and understands that the Nimh research workers are coming and that the rats are in danger.

O'Brien, was the first feature produced by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, and John Pomeroy after they left the Disney Studio; it is considered by many to be their best film.
Brisby's meeting with the Great Owl in which he advises her to go to the Rats, seek out Nicodemus, and have the Rats move her house to the lee of the stone.
It is signed in full to the left of the image by John Pomeroy, one of the studio's principals and lead animator of the Great Owl. Studio designation "7A 49 177" is written along the bottom to mark this cel's place in the scene.

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