Secret little spaces to hide special treasures—our wooden frog box has a puzzling element to reveal its interior. Order online or call 8-8, Mon-Fri and 9-5, Weekends: 0871 472 4277 Call costs 13p per minute plus network extras. Ok, apparently I can't get away with posting a cute box with a fun lid and not sharing the how-to! Punch a circle out of the RIGHT hand side of one of the lids, and out of the LEFT hand size of the other kid, as close to centered as possible. Next, you're going to attach your RIGHT hand punched lid to JUST the two end flaps--leave the long side flaps waving in the breeze for now.

You can kind of see how we are making a channel or track for the upper LEFT hand punched lid to slide in.
Now we need to make the long flaps lay down and secure the ends so the upper lid is in there nice and snug.I did that with two half-inch wide strips of cardstock, attached with Sticky Strip, as shown below. With the cardstock strips wrapped around nice and snug, you can slide the LEFT hand punched lid in between that framework and the lid you attached previously.
I always attach an obvious ribbon pull or tab to the correct end you want the recipient to grab, for their own sakes.
Order online or call 8-8, Mon-Fri and 9-5, Weekends: 0871 472 4277 Call costs 13p per minute plus network extras.

If there is a lot of resistance, you can shave off just a dab from one of the long sides to make it slide more easily, but leave it kind of tight so that the lid doesn't fall open by itself all the time.
Please do not use anything found on this site for ANY reason other than personal crafting enjoyment, without express permission. The only special part of your box needs to be a half-inch flap on all four sides of the top.

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