Even though safety is not a highly discussed issue in home design and home improvement websites, here on Homesthetics, we are going to try and approach the subject little by little with the purpose of improving our safety measurements, our confidence in our homes and ourselves without overreacting.
Most of these ideas are impossible to detect, even assuming that the burglar reads this article, the position of a coin, a bolt or a bottle buried in your backyard is almost impossible to trace if placed random for an unknown, strategically for you. Someone looking for something that is functional yet space-saving, now comes the design of furniture are suitable placed living room, family room or bedroom even in other words perfectly placed anywhere. Top remains level, so items do not have to be removed from the top for access to the compartment.
They’re either personal thinks or valuable items that should stay somewhere safe, where nobody can find them.
Today we are going to present you 30 smart hidden storage ideas that can help you secure your valuable items.

These are only a few ideas, meant to feed your imagination and plant seeds in our minds, the will be developed and shaped by our experience, adapted to our home needs into something completely different, making the entire procedure failproof. Came as a space saving solution that is able to adapt in your home’s interior, mini shelf system with wall unit is an ideal solution as space saving ideas. We have presented here a few obvious large sized storage ideas that can be disguised only by being dressed or covered by something and few others containing small recipients that can easily be placed wherever you want. Not enough with that, besides saving space, sleek shape with a small storage drawer configuration allows can be used as a secret storage system were minimalist and cool. You can turn that space into a secret drawer and you can use it for storage for all sorts of items.
So it would be nice if you could find a corner where you could put up some shelves where your cat could sit and have fun.

And while you do that you might as well take full advantage of that space and hide some drawers into the shelves. Nobody would think to search there because it’s very low and because that space is usually empty. Make sure you paint it the same color as the freezer so you don’t make anyone suspicious.Cabinet secrete drawer.View in galleryYou know that small portion at the bottom of the cabinet, just under the drawers? It has the same color as the rest of the cabinet and it looks like a drawer but it’s usually just a piece of wood.

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